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About this mod

This mod aims to improve performance in Fallout 4 VR by making use of more precombined objects, visual fixes (that don't take away looks), and various other tweaks.
It ALSO now fixes the invisible DLC terrain bug WITHOUT that horrible performance killing INI tweak!

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: Sorry for the lack of updates or pretty much anything related to this mod. I went through a long period of health issues and personal (life) problems. Everything is starting to stabilize for me and I do plan on resuming work on this, but I have to make time for this along with another project I'm beginning work on. Thanks for your patience! :) ( I left a comment in the Posts section of this mod; check it out for more details)


** This mod is merging with the DLCVR - Fallout 4 VR And DLC Bug Fixes **
I am working closely with Maduin81 on fixing as many  DLC and base game bugs as possible :)
If you have this mod, you no longer need the DLCVR - Fallout 4 VR and DLC Bug Fixes mod.
And if you are looking to save hard drive space or don't want the performance files, just grab the mod linked above. :)

If you have issues with objects disappearing/invisible, try one of the INI files I have uploaded here. They are under the Optional Files.
The ini files go in: C:\Users\%USER%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR


Before we get started here, let me please inform you that this is a beta version of this mod. 


Place my mods at the bottom of your load order.
Make sure you place any scrapping mods at the BOTTOM of the load order BENEATH this mod.
This mod probably won't work with anything that changes trees/barrels/rocks/misc statics
If you are having crashes or anything, please try using this with NO other mods installed first.
And if you do that, make sure your data directory is clean, no remnants of other mods.
I have tested this mod on 5 different vanilla installations across 5 computers now and have had zero crashes/disappearing stuff on vanilla installs.
I will be writing a guide soon on how to make compatibility patches along with making some myself for the most popular of mods.


1.) Did you test this with no other mods installed? If not, please do so first.

2.) Please note the exact area of the problem(s)

3.) Try playing with the load order first, try putting possible problem mods above/below mine.

4.) Did you install using a mod organizer/NMM? I learned from the Boston FPS Fix that this could potentially cause issues with a "dirty data directory"

5.) Make sure you set all the INI options correctly. Alternately you can try using my INI files and see if that helps.

And remember to include your load order in any bug report!

Known Bugs:

1.) With the latest versions, every once in a while if you load a save in a DLC area, the terrain/buildings might be invisible after hours of normal playing.
Solution: This is resolved by simply restarting the game. It is not a common bug and I am looking into possible solutions.

2.) Everything is invisible/popping in and out
Solution: Make sure you installed the full version(s) of the mod with correct updates and try using my INI files in the downloads.

3.) Nexus Mod Manager fails to install the mod properly
Solution: NMM doesn't seem to like the sheer size of some of the mods files, so I recommend doing a manual install or trying a different mod manager for the time being.

4.) I've installed some other mods that change the terrain/trees/debris and my performance is worse with this mod!
Solution: Remove those other mods, this mod does not play well with anything that makes changes to the terrain/worldspace as a whole. 


I highly recommend getting this mod too for DLC bug fixes: Fallout 4 DLCVR Bug Fixes

This mod is attempting to fix performance issues for the VR version of Fallout 4, and any DLC added.
I am going through and reoptimizing as much as I possibly can to achieve this. This is still an early release and there is much more that needs to be done.

The ultimate goal here is in two parts:

1.) Improve performance of the base game & DLC in any way possible without hurting visuals

2.) Fix the DLC terrain issue/culling problems so that the INI tweak is no longer required.

Hopefully when all of part 1 is said and done, part 2 will be as well. As the generation of all this should fix the terrain as well.

For those who only have the base game:    
1.) Download one or all of the following:    
VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - Downtown
VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - North*
VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - South*
VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - East & West*
VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - Glowing Sea & Minor*

2.) Install with your favorite mod manager or for manual installation, extract the files to your Fallout 4 VR data folder.    
3.) In /appdata/local/Fallout4VR open the file plugins.txt and on the VERY bottom add:     
4.) Play the game and enjoy :)    
*These are still being archived and uploaded, North & South should be available 1/19/2018 ~ 1/20/2018 followed by the rest.
For those who have the base game and DLC:    
1.) Download the following:    
    VR Optimization Project - Commonwealth - Downtown   
    VR Optimization Project - Interiors BETA     
    VR Optimization Project - Nuka-World     
    VR Optimization Project - Far-Harbor       
    Commonwealth - DLC Compatibility Patch     
(If you only have one of these DLC,  skip the one you don't have)     
NOTE:  The file is too large for NMM to handle, so you can try another mod manager or manually install --       
2.) Extract each archive files into your Fallout 4 VR data folder     
3.) Now download these:      
    VR Optimization Fix - Far Harbor ESP Update    
    VR Optimization Fix - Nuka-World ESP Update     
4.) Extract those two archive files into your Fallout 4 VR data folder. Click YES to replace any files it wants.     
5.) In C:\Users\%USER%\appdata\local\Fallout4VR open plugins.txt and add the following to the VERY bottom:     
6.) Play the game and enjoy :)     
NOTE: The DLC Compatibility esp MUST be at the very BOTTOM of your load order/plugins.txt     
* I have done extensive testing with the Conifers Commonwealth Redux mod, and I really don't recommend the mod if you are trying to get more out of the performance of the game, however it is a very beautiful mod so if you can handle the performance going up and down I would recommend it for it's beauty.      

The Commonwealth is now split into 5 parts. You can download one of them or all of them as they are all independent.  
As of 1/18/2018 the Downtown version is available, the rest will start popping up on and after 1/19/2018

Fixed the Nuka-World transit center world border problem in the Commonwealth
Merged bug-fixes in from the DLCVR - Fallout 4 VR and DLC Bug Fixes mod (If you use the performance mod, uninstall the DLCVR mod as the update accomplishes the same thing w/ the same fixes)
(NW Fixes by Maduin81)

Fixed the disappearing objects that people were experiencing.

Fixed ALL DLC worldspaces so the INI tweak is NO LONGER NEEDED!
This also fixes various crashing in Nuka-World around Dry Rock Gulch and other areas caused by land.

Far Harbor precombined meshes updated (regenerated three areas)
Far Harbor pre-vis regenerated
All loose Far Harbor files now packed into a ba2 archive to make mod manager install go a lot smoother.
Nuka-World pre-vis regenerated in 3 areas
All loose Nuka-World files now packed into a ba2 archive to make mod manager install go a lot smoother and download size smaller,
Commonwealth pre-vis regenerated in 1 area.
Commonwealth precombined meshes updated (regenerated one area)
All loose Commonwealth files now packed into a ba2 archive to make mod manager install go a lot smoother

Commonwealth world border fix for DLC

I am *NOT* promising you will gain OODLES OF FPS or get MUCH MOAR PERFORMANCE! 
Everyone has different computers/setups. For me (specs below) it actually worked quite well and gave me a nice little boost.
All this mod is doing is optimizing areas that Bethesda did NOT.
This mod *SHOULD* fix any performance issues caused by using the DLC terrain fix mentioned above.
This mod *COULD* also gain a small boost in pancake Fallout 4 as well, not sure myself I haven't tried it yet.

My specs for the curious:
i7-4770k (Stock clock)
32 GB DDR3-1866 (OC'ed to 2200)
GTX 1080 (OC'ed)
Game installed on SSD for faster load times

** Thank you rooted for bringing up the problem with the rar names and making a post about it :)