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This mod adds a Flight Cap to the Hazmat Suit so that you can wear it without hair clipping or getting bald if you've already had a hat on your character.

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Purpose of this mode:

I've made this mod for anyone who are using the transparent helmet glass Hazmat Suit that is added by Armorsmith Extended and AWCKR but they are annoyed because of the hair clipping throught the helmet (mostly while running).
On the other hand if you're wearing a small hat (military cap, press cap) to prevent the clipping you may end up getting bald. Wearing a large hat (trilby hat) could make the Helmet disappear.

So this mod adds the Brotherhood of Steel Hood (the Flight Cap) to the Hazmat Suit to prevent hair clipping or getting bald. In fact, your character is bald under the cap of course but it's not visible. It assings the hair slots so no other hats can be put on your character while wearing the Hazmat Suit with BoS Hood.

If you've already wearing a hat (no matter what) and would like to put on this Hazmat Suit mod that hat will be replaced by the flight cap.
Naturally, if you replace or undress the Hazmat Suit its BoS Hood will be undressed too.
Like any Armorsmith outfit, it can be modified at your Armor Workbench and it's craftable at Armorsmith Workbench under the "OUTFITS - HAZMAT" section. So this is a standalone outfit, NOT replaces or changes anyithing just uses AE and AWCKR as resources.


 1. by Nexus Mod Manager
 2. extract the archive into your Fallout4\Data folder and activate the .esp plugin


 1. by Nexus Mod Manager
 2. delete the .esp plugin and the meshes installed from the archive

Uninstallation (as well as installation :) is SAFE, using it doesn't change or overwrite anything in your Game or the Armorsmith Mod. Shouldn't be compatibility issues if you've had AWCKR and Armosmith Extended installed first.
If you have any compatibility issues, let me know in the Comments section :)


For Armorsmith Extended and the transparent helmet glass by Gambit77
For Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Gambit77 and Valdacil