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This EVB, Vanilla compatible outfit pack contains 16 clothes. All of them are wearable with armors. Two optional files: for AWCKR and Chem. Station version.

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The Wardrobe of Summer Time - Women's Casual Outfits Mod is all about the Summer Time. A Standalone mod that contains sixteen clothes. These are the several variations regarding the colors:

Casual Outfit Red Flats
Casual Outfit Green Flats
Casual Outfit Black Flats
Summer Outfit White
Summer Outfit Red&Black Flats
Summer Outfit Dark Red
Summer Outfit Blue
Summer Outfit Black
Summer Outfit Green
Summer Outfit Beige
Summer Outfit Red
Summer Outfit Bright Blue
Summer Outfit DarkRed&Black Flats
Summer Outfit Rose
Casual Shirt with Slacks S (added in 1.2 version)
Casual Shirt with Slacks L (added in 1.2 version)


 1. by Nexus Mod Manager
 2. Extract the archive to your Fallout4\Data folder and don't forget to activate the .esp plugin ;)


I uploaded two version:
One of them is compatible with Armorsmith Extended (so you can updrage it with Lining Mod, Lighter build) and the other one is for those who aren't using AWCKR and Armorsmith, that is not modifiable at your Armor Workbench.
Very unlikely that this mod would have conflicts with any other mods.

Use only one version and if you have the old version and NMM asks during installation whether you would like to overwrite the exisiting files or not, click Yes to All (this method will only replace the old files provided by this mod's previous version).

Version 1.2 Added:

 1. Mesh improvements for the three Casual Outfits
 2. Two new dresses: Casual Shirt with Slacks S and Casual Shirt with Slacks L. The S version has the shorter Shirt cut, while L version is the longer.

Armorsmith Extended version:

 1. Craftable at Armorsmith Extended under "OUTFITS - CASUAL" category
 2. Modifiable at Armor Workbench (Lining Mod, Lighter build, Ultra-light build, Ballistic Weave...)

Chemistry Station version:

 1. Craftable at Chemistry Station under "UTILITY" section
 2. Modifiable at Armor Workbench (Ballistic Weave only)

By wearing it you get +1 Charisma and it weights 2 pounds. All of them are wearable with armor pieces mostly without any armor clipping (see pictures above).

The outfits are
standalone and Vanilla compatible (no CBBE version currently).


 1. easiest way by Nexus Mod Manager
 2. harder way is deleting the files installed from the archive

Safe to install, safe to uninstall (no command lines or anything :)