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  1. 000XYZ
    • member
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    Can this be somehow used for normal gameplay i.e. with a monitor?

    All those fonts on notes are ridiculously small on my 3840x1600 resolution
  2. raorian
    • member
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    for future people in VR: this mod works, but it shifts the text out of the page so don't use it! (obviously, for me)
    sadly, no mod that makes the text readable actually works
    1. zebradonkeyzebra
      • premium
      • 1 kudos
      You have to do the ini adjustments in the description.
      However, I found with the Rift S that fBookModelX needs to be set to -14.5 instead of -13.6
    2. ntblood
      • member
      • 40 kudos
      Update: Solution is to Un-install "Big Text Note - VR" mod as the INI edits didn't fix the offset text issue caused by the mod.
      I suggest using Bilago's tool if you don't already. It makes it very
      easy and remembers the default values. It works for FO4 (VR) as well
      as Skyrim (VR).
      From this mod's description.
      fBookModelYaw=180.0000 (already default value)
      fBookModelPitch=-90.0000(already default value)
      fBookModelScale=1.4000(already default value)
      fBookModelZ=-7.0000(already default value)
      fBookModelY= 43.0000(default 41.2)
      fBookModelX=-13.6000(already default value)
      fBookMenuScale=2.5000(default 1.0)
      fBookMenuPitch=0.0000(already default value)
      fBookMenuZ=0.0000(already default value)
      fBookMenuY=-35.0000 (default 0.0)
      fBookMenuX=32.0000 (default 0.0)
    3. boomdaddymaxwell
      • member
      • 8 kudos
      This works!! ^^^ thank you so much ntblood
  3. greatwroth
    • premium
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    Works pretty well with English language on Oculus Quest through Virtual Desktop with ini tweak from description. Before adding this mod I could not read notes at all because the text was completely missing. With this mod note text appears and seems adequately aligned and reasonably large but the font is still thick and mashes together slightly much like what can be seen in the example image. I'd like to see this mod edited to also replace all vanilla note fonts with thinner, clearer characters and button prompt options for those of us using something other than vive.
  4. Vonklinkenhoffn
    • member
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    I have a Rift as well and can confirm that this mod unfortunately does not work on it. I have done the necessary changes to the ini, as instructed. I also notice that there are icons for Vive controllers, so maybe this is not meant to work on Rift.

    Sad really, I'm using the Better Notes mod and really loving it, but unfortunately it's impossible to read any newspaper from public occurrences with that mod, because the text is small and the letters are blending together. I was hoping Big Text Note would fix that, but not for me. I'm sad now..
  5. yaglourt
    • member
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    Aligatô gozaimasu !
    I'm guessing it doesn't work with other languages ?
    1. tenpla3
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      Thank you for making a comment.
      I did not test with other languages, but it work....maybe ;-)
    2. alndupuis
      • member
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      Yes, it works well in Fallout 4 VR. I test it in French Language !!!
      Thanks so much for the great job !
  6. captainazbat
    • supporter
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    How do I manually install this?
  7. Fledermaus
    • premium
    • 4 kudos
    Good mod! Works fine in English.
    Thank you!
    1. tenpla3
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      It was good.
      Thank you for trying it.
      Good Hunting!
    2. yaglourt
      • member
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      thanks for the feedback