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Foundations are made and distances are respected.
There is only to build neighborhoods by neighborhoods and make the city of New York more destroyed

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You can test on Xbox now.

Pre-footage Mod
This mod is under development and is clearly not the definitive version and the vision of the author.



New York was the location of the United Nations headquarters, before it was disbanded on July 26, 2052.

In 2065, a nuclear reactor, struggling to power the population of seventeen million people, went super critical for a period of about five minutes. While there was no explosion, the NYC incident coined the term "hot summer" for a heat-related electrical overload on nuclear systems.

During the Great War, the city was affected by the nuclear strikes.

Dean Domino performed in New York City before the Great War.


The first priority is to create the city around Central Park which will be closed for the moment.Then the city will be modified to be more destroyed with exploring places and enemy camps.

The representation of the city currently doesn't look like the final version. It's better with the mod: Winter Overhaul

1 - No navmesh for the moment : mobs don't move
2 - No Quests
3 - No or less destruction
4 - No road
5 - Not the definitive version
6 - LOD not fix. Distance to see mobs are building, it's not corrected
7 - Update each month

It's forbidden to copy, to exploit or to pay this mod without authorization

The entrance for New York is on Memory Den with a door (for the moment). I would like to create the atmsophere of Metro with snow, more darkness and more survival.

- febuary 2018
- march 2018
- April 2018
- May 2018: Rework Super Duper Market + Adds mobs and more + create navmesh (Super Duper Market Only) + one disctrict.
- June 2018 - No update: creation a big quarter
- July 2018 - You need a new save game before to enter on the city. Moving disctricts + Add more buildings in north Madsion Ave + finish south+ Lexington Avenue
-August 2018 - You need a new save game before to enter on the city. Moving districts + cars
Adds buildings + Vault (Don't worry for the troubleshooting, it's from the game. The cell don't support so much environnement. I will see if I can create on a new land without wheather).
-November 2018

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