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in the VR version stars are only shown to one eye and depth sorting doesn't work right. It looks headache inducingly bad.
This mod is a stopgap workaround, it removes all stars to remove the chance of a headache.

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With Fallout VR patch this mod has become useless. Stars now work as they should.

Before you install this mod please try the following ini settings:

In your Fallout4VrCustom.ini


Some folks on reddit reported they needed higher values for it to work. 1200 and 5000 were mentioned by several redditors as being workable values.
For some people this fixes only the depth sorting and stars are still rendered in one eye only.

If the above ini changes dont work for you, then install this mod.

To install drag the textures folder into your data folder.

To uninstall delete Data\textures\sky\skystars.dds