Durable Vertibirds by Utherix
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Increases the health of Vertibirds and their Pilots. They should get shot down less, now.

The FOMOD Installer has the following options:

Main files
1. Durable Vertibirds: Doubles vertibird health and makes pilots as healthy as their BOS Soldier counterparts. Vertibirds have decreased confidence value, so they are allowed to flee.
2. Very Durable Vertibirds: Durable Vertibirds, but vertibirds also have increased armor.
3. Deadly Vertibirds: Very Durable Vertibirds, but vertibirds also deal more damage.
4. Invincible Vertibirds: Deadly Vertibirds, but they have 10000+ health and 1000+ armor and move with 150% speed.

Optional Files
1. No Levelled Vertibirds: Vertibirds will now always spawn at max level, which removes the problem of lower level vertibirds spawning in at high player levels. I highly recommend you use this.
2. Explosive Vertibird Miniguns: Vertibirds' miniguns have explosive bullets.
3. Armored Pilots: The Pilots have additional armor and health. Must be loaded after the main file.

Check out my other mod that makes Vertipilots wear Bomber Jackets as intended.
And Vertibirds have Gatling Lasers.
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