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The Service Rifle is back, and better than ever.

A staple of the NCR's arsenal, the Service Rifle was an iconic sight in Fallout: New Vegas, and is now fully re-made for Fallout 4. Featuring both the Service Rifle and its sister weapon, the Assault Carbine, this mod aims to bring a lore-friendly and immaculately detailed re-imagining of the original weapons. Storm the Commonwealth with the signature weapon of the NCR, or swap out a few mods to convert to the Assault Carbine for maximum firepower.

With dozens of unique meshes and textures, a suite of unique sounds, and full custom animations, the Service Rifle blends seamlessly into Fallout 4's lore and aesthetic.

- All-new meshes and textures, made completely from scratch
- A full set of custom sounds for reloading and firing
- Dozens of unique mods, all complete with unique meshes and textures
- A full set of custom animations for firing & reloading, both in 1st and 3rd person, courtesy of Ha_ru
- Immensely detailed, lore-friendly retro style, to blend in seamlessly with Fallout 4's aesthetic
- Script-based integration with leveled lists (no need to create a merged patch)

- Four tiers of semi and fully-automatic receivers, a unique SMG variant, plus a set of flat-top receivers for mounting scopes directly
- Full-length and shortened variants for the Service Barrel, Carbine Barrel, Rifleman Barrel, and Breacher Barrel
- Five different stock sets to match the Service Rifle, Assault Carbine, and Advanced Service rifle variants
- Four different magazine variants, including quick-mags and a coupled magazine set
- Three scopes utilizing the Universal Mod system developed for Fallout Cascadia, plus two ironsight variations
- Four muzzle devices: a flash hider, muzzle brake, moderator, and suppressor
- Three accessory mods, including a laser sight and flashlight

As you move up to better mods, there are distinct visual differences in their style. Low-quality mods will show their age and wear with rust and damage, while high-tier mods are cleaner and less beat-up. Additionally, each major tier of mod has a unique visual appearance, so you can tell at a glance if that raider's hodge-podge rifle is worth picking up or not!

Universal Mods are part of a system designed for Fallout Cascadia, where mods can be shared across weapons via universal adapters, or 'picatinny rails.' The Service Rifle has two slots available for universal mods: accessories, and scopes. To mount most of the scopes for the Service Rifle, you'll first need to install the rail adapter, with provides the mounting interface for the scopes. Once it's attached, you'll see the scopes available for you to install. The flat-top receivers can mount universal scopes directly, without an adapter.

Accessories are much easier to use- they'll show up in their own slot, and don't require any setup if the barrel you're using supports them. Some barrels however, such as the stubby Breacher Barrel, doesn't have an attachment point, and can't use accessories.

Q: Where do I get it?
A: From the corpses of your enemies! (It will spawn on Raiders, Gunners, and a few other places like stores).

Q: What if I want it right now?
A: You can console-command it to yourself. Type "help service 0" to find the item code for it. It'll be at the bottom under WEAP for "weapon."

Q: My gun is invisible/purple! What's wrong?
A: The game can't find the mesh/textures. The mod probably had an installation issue. Check your settings and re-install.

Q: Boy these animations look familiar...
A: They should. They're borrowed from the RU556, courtesy of Ha_ru!

Q: Will this conflict with other weapon mods that update leveled lists?
A: Nope! All the lists are updated via script the first time you load a save with the mod. For this reason I recommend placing it after anything that changes leveled lists in your load order.

Unzip, copy + paste to Data folder. Or use NMM.
If you find any bugs/issues, or think the gun could use some balance tweaks, please let me know!

- Wasteland Melody: Meshes, textures, firing sounds, & integration
- Ha_ru: Animations, reloading sounds

- The Fallout Cascadia team, for all their hard work and dedication
- Ha_ru, for graciously letting me steal his animations
- r/falloutMods who helped me navigate Fallout 4's new challenges
- All those who've supported me and my past mods with your kind words and motivation! Thanks!