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A compact, but interesting exploration mod which adds 8 new internal cells with fun places to explore, puzzles to solve, baddies to fight, and unique loot to gain. High compatibility with other exploration mods.

Permissions and credits

Are you looking for new places to discover and explore in the Commonwealth?  Is your load order already chock full of other exploration mods? Well this mod may be for you!

This mod adds 8 new interior cells with interesting stories behind them. There are new npcs to meet (and/or kill), unique loot to find, and even a scripted puzzle in one of the buildings. The new locations are scattered evenly across the wasteland and are mainly located inside buildings with unique architecture which do not have interior meshes in the vanilla game. I custom made interior versions of walls and windows of a few common building types so as to get a more accurate representation of what those buildings would look like inside. This meant that I was able to use buildings that most other modders have avoided and therefore this mod has a high level of compatibility with other exploration mods. The compatibility section below will give you exact version numbers for compatibility. I also made no changes to exterior cells that will affect prefabs so any mods that alter precombines should be compatible too as long as you put those mods below this on in your load order.

Version 1.0 Locations:
  • Wreaked Shop
  • Flooded Bookstore
  • Malden Tailors
  • Corner Laundromat
  • Old Bar
  • Addict's Place
  • Small Gallery
  • Old Bait Shop

Version 1.0 should be compatible with:
  • Beantown Interiors v.9.3 (Since Beantown alters vanilla precombines, it should go below this mod)
  • Inside Jobs v.2.1
  • Stumbleupon Interiors v2.0
  • Plenty 'o' Exploration v.1.8.2
  • Lexington Interiors v.1.2.4
  • Concord Expanded v.1.53
  • Fort Hagen Expanded v.1.02
  • Commonwealth Underground v.1.0
  • Shanks Interiors Project v.2.0
  • Tales of the Commonwealth v.2.8 (Only version 1.1 is compatible)
Current compatibility issues:
  • None right now. Please leave a comment if you find one.

Content and help from other authors:
Programmes used:
  • jonwd7's Bethesda Archive Extractor
  • Nifskope
  • FO4Edit
  • Ousnius' Material Editor
  • Creation Kit
  • Blender
  • 3dsMax
  • Outfit Studio
You may not claim any part of this mod as your own or upload it on any other mod sites. If you want to use anything from the mod other than those assets used with permission from other authors, PM me and I will most likely give you free reign. I have put some of the objects into a modders' resource pack so if you want to use any of those you don't have to ask. Those assets are free to use as long as you attribute credit for them and are located here.

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