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The Synthinator!! For real though, it's just a Terminator themed Synth. Darker texture with better glowing eyes.

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The Synthinator!!

For real though, it's just a Terminator themed Synth. Darker texture with better glowing eyes.


Due to difficulty with the way the light is reflected off of the Gen1 synths, I cannot get the desired colors and effects I want, so I will not be putting anything up for Gen1 until I can figure it out. 

-- 2.2 --

Fixed Blue eyes installer options.

Slight color adjustment for the synth face and head skin to match

-- 2.1 --

Now with a Fomod installer!! Everything is all-in-one now.

Added Steel version with more color and detail for the organs and wires.

Added optional file for better more human looking skin.

Added multiple color choices for the eyes.

-- 2.0 --

I now have 16 versions for your choosing :)
(currently only Gen2 has the variations, working on Gen1. Also, just ignore the loser Gen1 photobombing my screenshots lol, it's just jealous!)

I also removed the ugly skin pieces from the clean versions. The dirty viersions still have them, but as pieces of trash or clothing. Only the Dirty steel with skin has the original skin pieces.

The 8 variations are:

- Burned
- Chrome
- Extra Shiny Chrome :) (Not lore friendly, prepare to be blinded!)
- Dark Clean
- Dark Dirty
- Steel Clean
- Steel Dirty
- Steel Dirty with skin pieces  (This is the more lore friendly one)

8 with human teeth, and 8 without. 

I have more plans for this when the CK comes out, like all variations at the same time!! Or changing the texture to burnt when you kill them with energy weapons (because having them turn to ash is unrealistic for a metal enemy!) 

Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas..

Here's a video I found of my mod online! Thanks Daniels Wacher for making a video


- Download from the files section using NMM.

- Human teeth versions are under "Terminator Synth - Gen2 - Teeth..."

- Non human teeth are versions under "Terminator Synth - Gen2..."

- If you download the All-in-one, you'll have to manually install whatever one you want from in the file. I have included Screenshots in the file to help you decide :)

- Download the eyes separately under optional files.


It looks like NMM is having trouble installing the eyes correctly in the installer version, so you will have to manually install the eyes when you download the installer.  NMM is placing the files in the right location, but it is locking them and there is no color when shown in-game.

-- MY MODS --

Functional Weapon Racks
Terminator Synth Gen2
Chrome Synth Armor
Chrome Kellogg Armor
- Black and Red Dark Institute Weapon - Retexture Full detail
Optional Purple laser beam in files section of my weapon mod
Display Stand for Robot Models and Nuka Kola bottles to show off your rare collectibles :)
Craftable Perk Chart Poster


Playable Synths! Play as the Terminator!! by abbalovesyou
Optional All black rifle texture to look like endo rifle by icemocolo


Thanks for the support everyone!!