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Removes the black borders from all normal/night vision/recon scopes.

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This is basically an alternative to this mod, just with working recon scope.

Copy the "scopemenu.swf" into the data/interface folder of Fallout 4.
Make sure you have added /interface to sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, in your Fallout4.ini
-> I have added the actual folder structure, so it should work with modmanagers now.

Optional file:
There is also an optional file available, which removes the radial blur. There is still a rectangular blur, couldnt get rid of this (yet). Seems to be hardcoded.
As requested, ive added versions where all scopes have been replaced with the normal zoom scope. One version with shadows and one without.

Remove "scopemenu.swf" from the data/interface/ folder.

How does it work?:
I used the B.A.E to extract the scopemenu.swf from the interface archive in the data folder.
Using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler, i was able to edit the "scopemenu.swf" file.
To edit the shapes i used the "raw edit" command. For most shapes i removed the FILLSTYLE, which removes the color from the shapeRecords.
To remove the border from the recon scopes I edited the StyleChangeRecord and set "fillStyle1" to 0.

How to recolor your aiming reticle:
If you change the FillStyle colors in the various aiming reticle shapes you can recolor parts of the aiming reticle!