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Adds custom animations made by Gogy28 to DMagnus' Lightsaber mod.

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UPDATE 04/28/18:

Sorry for the long wait, guys. School has been especially hard lately, and I've stepped away from the scene without warning. I have been contacted by RussellXL, who was kind enough to work on the mod for the new version of the Lightsaber mod (3.0). I'm uploading his version as the update, and I will look over it for bugs/any updates in the future, after finals.


Are you tired of the same old boring animations for your melee weapons? Love DMagnus' Lightsaber mod but wish that you could also move like a Jedi?

I found the solution when Gogy28 released his two custom animated katana mods (Fallout Samurai and Fallout Kensei). They add katanas animated by fairly acrobatic custom animations, and one is one-handed and the other two-handed-- just like the various hilt options in the Lightsaber mod.

After a day of tinkering in FO4Edit, I have managed to figure out how to add those animations to the various hilts in the Lightsaber mod. One-handed hilts will use animations from Gogy28's Fallout Samurai mod and two-handed hilts will use Gogy28's Fallout Kensei animations.

Having obtained permission to release this mod from both authors, I present to you a custom esp for the Lightsaber mod (version 2.0.1). Download all three mods, load up Fallout Samurai and Fallout Kensei ABOVE the Lightsaber mod, and enjoy the lightshow!


Star Wars Lightsaber mod version 2.0.1 ( You need to REPLACE the esp with mine to get these new animations.

Fallout Samurai mod 1.0 (

Fallout Kensei mod 1.2 (

The Staffmaster (