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A clean up/redux of Sunshine Tidings!

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Well here I am doing another thing! This time I cleaned up Sunshine Tidings. Now if you look at my other mods I basicly do a basic clean up of decals and bushes but also try to clean up unscrapable objects that I think limit folks ability to flesh out their settlements how they want them.

Anyway I did the basics, trash in buildings are gone all that as well as removing the signs on the barn as well as the rocks and bushes in the fields. Now as an additional bonus I have restored the destoryed shack on the south side of the farm! I copy and pasted the south eastern shack and even placed some furniture and some ghouls in. So... yeah the only thing that might be weird is the ghouls. They might do some weird stuff, no clue. Anyway hope you guys like it!

As always feedback and suggestions are welcome! Have fun!