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This mod adds some meat to those darn humanoids.

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I was bothered by the fact that humanoids don't drop any meat,. ie. Ghouls, Supermutants, Humans, etc. So I created a simple raw meat item using the default texture and added  them to the leveled lists of ghouls, super mutants, and humans. The meat is raw and can't be cooked into anything. The meat doesn't heal you and causes 18 radiation damage with the added chance of diseases. This is designed for survival where you might want to cure your hunger despite the risk of radiation and illness from the flesh of your own kind. The meat will not heal you even if you have the cannibal perk. If anyone with the knowledge wants to implement that feature feel free to and I'll either upload it here or redirect people to your mod. Currently ghouls and humans drop 3 meat and super mutants drop 4. This is in line with the extra meat mods I currently use, but I can whip up a reduced version if it's requested.