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Several female casual outfits to slip into after a long day of exploration.

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11 casual outfits and 2 footwear accessories for the purpose of roleplaying and slipping into something more comfortable when the Sole Survivor is at home.

There is also an optional replacer which replaces the original Vault Suits with my Sleeveless Vault Suit that has boots.


- 11 Casual Outfits for females only
- 2 footwear accessories
- OPTIONAL - Sleeveless Vault Suit with boots that replaces the Vault Suits in the game.
- CRAFTABLE - at Armorsmith Extended's Workbench under OUTFITS - CASUAL category


Barefoot Footstep by GrozaTerroristow, which fixes the barefoot sounds in the game.

More Defined Vanilla Vault Suit by 1096bimu, which retextures the Vault Suit.


Q1 - Will you make Bodyslide for these ?
A1 - No, I stopped making Bodyslide files for my mods a long time ago because it burned me out. If anyone wants to make Bodyslide support for this, be my guest.

There are Bodyslide files made by SamPayne647 at Casual Outfit Bodyslide.

Q2 - Why not make the Sleeveless Vault Suit with boots a standalone instead of a replacer ?
A2 - Because I want to stick to the casual theme of the mod. I made the boots version of that suit incase anyone likes it enough to have it everywhere. 

Q3 - Why is Nuka-World required ?
A3 - Because 4 outfits in this mod are using Nuka-World assets.