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Smaller versions of the Vault Boy/Girl figures from the Vault Tec workshop DLC you can build. They also emit all the sounds from the perk menu.

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Smaller Vault Boys n' Girls

I hardly ever built the maHOOsive Vault boy or girl statues from the Vault-Tec DLC, for that's what they are...frikkin' STATUES, so I thought they'd be better a little smaller. I've not replaced the old ones, these are new ones in the same category. You can now place them on tables and other higher surfaces. When I looked at them, all small and thumbs-upsy, something was still missing. Then it hit me, having played Subnautica recently I remembered that you can place a Markiplier bobblehead you can activate to hear his ear-splitting shrieks and cringe-worthy wails from *those* videos. Well I wasn't going to add my own shrieks and wails, only my wife gets to laugh at those. Instead I added all the bleeps and bloops and pew pew sounds from the perk menu perks, so when you activate them, they will play any one of those sounds at random.

So that's it really in a nutshell. What else can I add.....oh yeah, both boy and girl versions are there. Less materials, but they need some circuitry. And you'll need the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC.


Use NMM or put both files into your data folder and activate with your choice of mod manager.

Hope you like it o/