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Allows you to change the amount of caps carried by both wasteland and workshop vendors through a configuration menu on a holotape, without the need to switch plugins.
DLC Compatible.

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The mod has been completely rewritten in the Creation Kit and now functions a bit differently than the previous versions, the injection of caps is now done through script thus avoiding editing any original records. The plugin is also compatible with all DLCs.

You are now able to choose the amount of caps carried by vendors and workshop vendors separately, this can now be done in-game using a holotape in your pip-boy without having to switch between .esp plugins. More info Below.

The amount of actual available caps a vendor has depends on your character setup (skills, perks, etc.)

You might need to wait/sleep for a day or two before the vendors inventory updates.

Created with FO4Edit.Creation Kit.



if you still have the older version of this mod installed (v1.2) please uninstall it and make a save without it before installing the newer version.
v1.3 was completely rewritten in the Creation Kit and functions differently than 1.2 so make sure to remove it before updating, to avoid bugged vendor caps amounts.

I recommend you install the mod with the nexus mod manager, it will simplify
the installation and removal of the mod greatly.

Open the downloaded archive
2. Copy the "VendorCaps.esp" file into your "Fallout4/Data" folder
3. Activate the plugin.
4. Play



When loading a save with this mod for the first time, you will receive a holotape named"[Settings]Vendor Caps".
On a new game the holotape is given moments after you receive the pip-boy.
If you ever lose the first holotape you can craft another one at the chem station under "Utility", it costs nothing.

The holotape acts as a terminal with multiple choices described below:

" Reset All Vendor Caps " - pressing this will revert the changes made by this mod to all vendors in the game back to original.
" Set Wasteland Vendor Caps " - this takes you to a range of choices for amount of caps carried by vendors in the wasteland but not workshop vendors.
" Set Workshop Vendor Caps " - this takes you to a range of choices for amount of caps carried by workshop vendors but not vendors in the wasteland.
" **Uninstall** " - This button will uninstall the mod by removing the custom level lists from all vendors and deleting the holotape in your inventory.

!You do not need to reset vendor caps when changing cap amount, the script prevents duplication by resetting previous choice automatically before applying new choice.
It may take up to 2 in-game days for the changes to take effect.



v1.2 : to remove the mod simply disable the plugin and make a new save without it, the caps should revert instantly after removal, if not please wait 2  in-game days and check the vendors again.

v1.3 : to remove this version, use the "[Settings]VendorCaps" holotape and click on the "**Uninstall**" button, close the pip-boy and wait for a message box to appear. Afterwards you can save the game, exit, remove the mod, load the previous save and save it again , the mod is now removed.


Fallout 4 Creation Kit


Bethesda - For making fallout 4 & the Creation Kit.
TES5Edit Dev - For making FO4Edit and releasing the early versions to the public.