High Res Immersive Minutemen Flag by Thumblesteen
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Added: 26/11/2015 - 12:19AM
Updated: 25/11/2015 - 11:46PM

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Last updated at 23:46, 25 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 0:19, 26 Nov 2015

So, this is just a small personal mod I made. It contains a really crisp resolution Minuteman flag that felt more authentic than the old one.

It has the words "NOS QUIA SUMOS" written on it. Which is an African philosophy saying "I am because we are.", and explains why we perform acts of kindness, or do good. I find it a very moving philosophy, and it really sums up just what the Minutemen do. Goodness for the sake of goodness. No money, no demands, just help to make the world better. I can't think of a more suitable motto.

I won't make any updates on this, unless it's something massive. It comes as-is due to how it's just a personal mod I made to share with all of you.


Improved military looking stars since they're citizen soldiers.
Motto in pigeon Latin. (As one might expect from a post apocalyptic faction.)
Frayed/discoloured edges around the cloth.
A big hole in it with textured damage.
Some grime.
A series of bullet holes on the top.
A small patch repair on the side.

And to all of you who are offended by my take on American history, or introducing a bit of African culture into your lily white narrative of things:
I don't care. I'm not a racist. Nor a nationalist. It doesn't matter to me. I like the motto, it's a motto I want my minutemen faction to have. The fact that it's a matter of controversy shows that not everyone lives in this century. That's why it's my creative expression. Don't like it? Make your own mod. I encourage people to create. Let this mod challenge you to add something of your own to the world, instead of just complaining. Make the most Machiavellian and reactionary mod on the planet. Cover the world in eagles and fasceses, but create something at least. Instead of trying to destroy what others make. Because that's a lowly form of existence not suited for a dignified human being.