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Two new custom weather cycles to choose from, inspired by the visual styles of of Fallout 3 and the acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas mod DUST.

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Dead Skies - Weather Overhaul brings you two new custom weather cycles to choose from, complete with built-in dark nights. For testing purposes there is a weather controller included which you can craft at any chemistry workbench under utilities, it will let you cycle between all the different weather presets as well as the vanilla ones. Although not required, this mod was made with Dustbowl Overhaul and Subtle ENB in mind.

Ambient Version  -  Inspired by the visual style of the acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas mod DUST, Ambient is a much more cinematic weather experience with a strong DOF that brings a similar eery and lonely post-apocalyptic feeling to the Commonwealth.

Climate Cycle: 50% Ambient, 30% Ambient Rain, 6% Dust Storm, 4% Heavy Dust Storm, 6% Clear sky, 4% Clearest sky.

Polluted Version - Based on the visual style of Fallout 3, this version attempts to recreate the bleak and dusty vibe of the Capital Wasteland without sacrificing too much color.

Climate Cycle: 40% Polluted, 20% Polluted Rain, 10% Dust Storm, 6% Heavy Dust Storm, 4% Rad Storm, 10% Overcast, 6% Clear sky, 4% Clearest sky

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Not compatible with other weather mods, or each other, use only one at a time.


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