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Temporary AWKCR compatibility patch for the new weapon paint job mod in creation club.

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If u bought the weapon paint job mod in the recent creation club addition and have AWKCR installed you will find that there's no material option in the work station, this is because the conflict between AWKCR and the creation club mod. This patch will fix it for now since i do believe author of AWKCR will get a more proper version.
I only spent half an hour to study the way Creation Kit work (I am no pro modder so i only did simple tweaks on FO4Edits before but reading creation club files requires Creation Kit xEdits Version 3.2.1 actually support .esl files :D) and another half to add in all the keywords, so might be some bugs in it.
If there's any bug please report I will try to fix it but probably won't be able to fix it today since I have a lab report and its deadline is at 4:00 pm (UK time) and there's like
14 hours left (sleep included) so I need to work on that first :(
I don't know why am i still fixing this, I should be working instead! 
Rip lab report.

I did this patch using the AWKCR All-DLC version and I have not figured out how to add/delete masters using CK yet so it will say missing Master on NMM, just ignore it cause this patch did not use anything related to the DLCs, as long as you have AWKCR and the creation club paint job mod installed this should work

Fixed the master file issue thx to the latest FO4edit, didn't know there was a new version which support creation club :D, now only requires AWKCR and Flame Paint job as its masters (anyone of the three paint job will work since the 2 keywords added by this patch is merged in to the game's script, I added the Flame Paint Job as its master just to make ppl know that they need to buy the creation [yeah i know it's sad :( ]  to make this work)

While using this mod please try to load it as low as possible in the load order since it is an overide patch and will conflict with any mod that changes vanilla weapon. (Changes made to weapon modification will still work)

To modders (techical stuff):
Basically what I did is add "ap_WeaponMaterial" to Parent Slots and "ma_WeaponMaterialSwap" to Mods Assiosation. Dont know much about adding and deleting masters so I left the master file there.