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Combining tweaks such as: No Fall Damage, Controlled Jetpack Flight, No Fusion Core Drain for PowerArmor, Strength (Pick up cars), Carry Weight, NPC Sandoxing and more with the edits needed by Fallout 4 to use mods. Edit to suit your needs.

Permissions and credits
Useful Combinations - Fallout4Custom.ini

Useful Combinations is a collection of common game setting tweaks combined in a Fallout4Custom.ini file.
This mod is made with the intention that, "You will customize it to your liking."

Get the ESL flagged.esp version of this mod here: Useful Combinations ESL Pack - Redux

This mod is used with my Simply Better Weather, Simply Better Weather II and Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II mods.

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Page Updated 1/8/2020


Fallout4Custom.ini(s) are used to run console commands and change game settings at start up without worrying about messing up the games default ini(s), or using mods. Fallout4Custom.ini(s) can be removed, replaced or edited at any time without harming your save games.

I am including 3 versions of this file, "Basic", "Full", and "Builders and Mod Authors".

The "Basic" version only contains the [Archive] edits required to use most mods.
Having these edits in a Fallout4Custom.ini will cause no harm even if you already have these edits in your default Fallout4.ini.
I am adding this because once you use a Fallout4Custom.ini Nexus Mod Manager expects to see it and will display a warning message if you remove it. By replacing it with the Basic one that contains only the [Archive] information you will avoid seeing this message. This message will also go away after you install a new mod and save the game, in other words this is a NMM message only and has no real effect on NMM or the game.

The "Full" version contains all of the options needed by most users.  
Edit this version to suit your needs using notepad.
(Right click on the Fallout4Custom.ini and choose "open with", then select "Notepad" or your favorite txt editor.)

All additions must be closed with a semicolon. ";"
If removing an option remove the portion between semicolons,
example #1 if you are removing CL off you would remove: cl off;
example #2 if you are removing fJetpackDrainInital 0.000000 you would remove: setgs fJetpackDrainInital 0.000000;

------------Fallout4Custom.ini Includes---------------

(These two edits are required for most mods to work in Fallout 4.)

Fixes an old bug that prevented the player from being able to sprint after fast traveling or when moving into some cells.
This is an older tweak that is not needed if your game is up to date, but since having this active causes no harm I am leaving this in the options.

***DO NOT REMOVE "sStartingConsoleCommand=" unless you are removing both entries (CL off; and setfog 1 999999;) ***

cl off;
default is cl rim 0.02
Disables character lighting. (Light/glowing effect around NPCs at night.)
More info can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3771/

setfog 1 999999; (Builders and Mod Authors version only)
Pushes all default fog (interior, exterior and weather related) out of view of the player. This entry affects the entire game and most mods.
*Players who want to remove interior fog, mist, steam, dust and airborne debris should use Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II

TCAI; (Builders and Mod Authors version only)
Toggle Combat AI, Turns enemies on/off. Combat AI will be off when you start the game, enter "tcai" in the console to turn it on.
This is useful for Mod Authors and Beta Testers who want to be able to start the game without worrying about AI attacking upon startup.

TGM; (Builders and Mod Authors version only)
Toggle God Mode. God Mode will be on when you start the game, enter "tgm" in the console to turn it off.
This is useful for serious settlement builders and Mod Authors because it allows you to build anything without needing to collect/spawn materials.
This also prevents your character from taking damage of any kind, running out of Action Points est.

~~Power Armor no fusion core drain tweaks (3 required for best results)~~
This will effect all default and most custom Power Armor.
setgs fPowerArmorPowerDrainPerSecondRunning 0.000000;
Default is 0.050000
setgs fPowerArmorPowerDrainPerActionPoint 0.000000;
Default is 0.050000
setgs fSprintBatteryDrainRate 0.000000;
Default is 15.000000

~~Jetpack flight tweaks (4 required for best results)~~
Allows you to fly higher and further, with much better control.
This will effect all default and most custom jetpacks.
setgs fJetpackDrainInital 0.000000;
Default is 64.000000
No power drain for Power Armor jetpacks.
setgs fJetpackDrainSustained 0.000000;
Default is 64.000000
No power drain for Power Armor jetpacks.
setgs fJetpackThrustSustained 99.0000;
Default is 85.0000
Jetpack flight height and speed.
setgs fJumpFallHeightExponent 0.000000;
Default is 1.450000
No fall damage for player.

~~Fall damage tweaks (2 optional)~~

setgs fJumpFallHeightExponent 0.000000;
Default is 1.450000
No fall damage for player.
& / Or
setgs fJumpFallHeightExponentNPC 0.000000;
Default is 1.450000
No fall damage for NPC's.

~~NPC navigation tweaks (2 required)~~

Allows NPC's to climb up and down very high/long stair cases and see the upper floors of tall buildings.
setgs fSandboxCylinderTop 999999.0000;
Default is 150.0000
setgs fSandboxCylinderBottom -999999.0000;
Default is -100.0000

~~Jump Height~~
Gives a decent boost to your jump height.
setgs fJumpHeightMin 250.000000;
Default is 90.000000

~~Strength (2 required for best results)~~
Increases the amount of weight you can pick-up and carry. (Allows you to pick up items such as exploadable cars).
setgs fGrabMaxWeightWalking 9999999999.0000;
Default is 100.0000
setgs fGrabMaxWeightRunning 9999999999.0000;
Default is 100.0000

~~Carry Weight~~
Increases the weight you can carry in your backpack.
setgs fAVDCarryWeightBase 9999999999.0000;
Default is 200.0000

~~Terminal Speed~~
Increase terminal & Pipboy display speeds.
setgs iTerminalDisplayRate 6000.00;
Default is 60.00

Allows you to stay underwater for a very long time without the need for the Aqua Girl/Boy Perk. This will not hide you from
enemies however.

setgs fActorSwimBreathTime 9999999.0000;
Default is 35.0000


iLocation X=0
iLocation Y=0
These settings are created by and added to the Fallout4Custom.ini by the game itself.

*A copy of this information is included in the download.*

Fallout4Custom.ini Manual Installation Instructions:
Simply copy this file to C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTERS NAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\
(Inside this folder you will also see your default Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Prefs.ini as well as the "Saves" folder which contains your games save files.)

Additional Notes/Uninstalling:

Your Fallout4Custom.ini will not be replaced if you re-install the game, you must manually delete this file if you want to remove it.

Attention "Scrap Everything" Mod Users:

This information may apply to any mod that is adds it's own .ini files directly into your Fallout4/Data folder.

Scrap Everything installs it's own Scrap Everything - (name).ini files into your Fallout4\Data folder. These files will override your Fallout4Custom.ini.
In order to use Scrap Everything and a Fallout4Custom.ini simply copy the data from the Scrap Everything.ini into your Fallout4.ini(s) then remove the Scrap Everything.ini from your Data folder.

*Adding  bUseCombinedObjects=0  to my Fallout4Custom.ini does not work me, I must add it to my Fallout4.ini.
I do not recommend using this setting without understanding how it effects the game. This will reduce both interior and exterior performance and FPS.
For more information about Previs/Precombines see: Fallout 4 Optimization and Performance Systems Explained


If you do not understand the information you have read above, you should not use this mod.
I will only be providing limited support since I feel I have sufficiently explained what these options are and how to edit and install them.

Please check out the Permissions and Credits for a list of "Credits and Thanks".
And don't forget to come back and give us and endorsement if you like this mod.

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