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This is the Super Sledge from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas remade for use in Fallout 4 (STANDALONE.)This mod includes 7 attachments and the return of "Oh, Baby!" from New Vegas. Big thanks to asXas, TheRizzler1, Kayomn, Lazlo and Vicyorus. If you helped me out at some point but I haven't mentioned you here don't worry, I'm super grateful.

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This mod adds the "Classic" Super Sledge from the previous Fallout titles into Fallout 4. It features scratch made meshes/textures, some custom sounds thanks to DRLAZLO and custom scripts with thanks to Kayomn and Vicyorus.

Now available on for PC and XBOX ONE.

Following the receival of some very ignorant comments from people who are too lazy to read a basic file description I have had to simplify the disclaimer pertaining to the 2 seperate files available for download:

ESL and ESP versions of this mod are available. ESL files do not affect your mod limit, however there may be some issues related to load-order if you do not install it properly. Please use a Mod Manager if possible and make sure to delete any previous versions of this mod that you have before installing this version. If you encounter any issues with the ESL version delete it and install the ESP version instead.

If you cannot follow these instructions and encounter an issue I hold no responsibility.

The mod features 7 attachments:

Tenderizer: Adds two heavy-duty spiked plates, these are pretty nasty and will help you soften up your enemies.

Stopsign: Adds a stolen STOP sign to the hammer, granting you the chance to swiftly disarm your enemies.

Buzzsaw: This monstrosity converts the Super Sledge from a Hammer into a man-portable Buzzsaw capable of slicing through anything with a face.

Brand: This one is fairly self-explanatory, adds a red-hot U.S Army Star to the weapon that can be used to burn those who step out of line.

Discharger: This experimental attachment will shock your enemies to death, with a chance to temporarily stun alongside the chance to create an EMP explosion that will temporarily shut down nearby robots.

Bottlecaps: Adds two oversized novelty Nuka-Cola bottlecaps to the hammer, successful kills will shower your enemies with (counterfeit and worthless) bottlecaps.

Mjolnir: This one breaks the lore a little bit (who cares) by enabling you to imbue the weapon with the power of Odin himself, successful critical hits will add a throwing hammer to your inventory that can be used to stun and damage enemies. For balance reasons you cannot store the throwing hammer nor can you have more than one in your inventory at any given time.

Returning from New Vegas is the popular "Oh, Baby!" variant of the Super Sledge. She's a little rusty but she still packs a mean swing, so mean in fact that you might find yourself launching your enemies far, far away. It can be found inside the "Forgotten Church" out in the Glowing Sea, goodness knows how it ended up all the way in the Commonwealth.

The weapon is injected into Fallout 4's level lists with the use of a script. It will begin spawning on certain enemies and vendors once the player reaches level 10. Arturo in Diamond City or hunting Super Mutants would be a good place to start.

Some renders and a 3D-viewer are available at my Artstation Page.

If you have any issues/suggestions or bugs to report, please do so in-depth so I can make the most out of your feedback. This is my very first mod so (hopefully) everything will work fine.

Again, much love to asXasTheRizzler1 and everyone else that I've already mentioned. The mod wouldn't of have been possible without their help and support.