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A simple vanilla survival Hangman's Alley build for you and your followers to relax in the city.

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This is my Vanilla Hangman's Alley build with 20 water, 100 power, 87 defense, and 10 beds. There are only 2 small items added by Campsite so it is not required for the settlement to function properly. There is plenty of space on the ground level to build small buildings or grow food. Most of the rooms are sparsely decorated, so you can go nuts with decoration mods. Each entrance is fortified with a powered door which only the player will be able to open. This is because I am playing with War of the Commonwealth, and I didn't want any pesky Triggermen running into my base. The doors can be deleted if you dislike them without breaking the settlement. Everything was built in Survival Mode with my new character, so i tried to make it a functional base while also keeping it realistic looking.


  1. Wasteland Workshop
  2. Vault-Tec Workshop
  3. Contraptions Workshop
  4. Campsite (optional)
  5. Transfer Settlements


Same as any other settlement. Either download with NMM and activate or download manually and drag/drop folder "1" into Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints. If you already have a settlement saved in slot 1, make sure to download manually and rename the folder "1" to your desired blueprint slot.