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A retexture of Sanctuary Bridge, in 8K, 4K and 2K versions. (Default game texture is 1K). Now updated and a with a new optional 'Guano-Edition' version!

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 "Having received such a warm welcome back by people here at Nexus after the release of my 'Roads' mod, I have decided to try another retexture, suggested by tekmage, the Sanctuary Bridge. I had to agree, this particular texture stood out as being in need of an overhaul to my eye. Whilst I am aware there are other texture mods available for the bridge, there's always room for choice, and so I have taken the opportunity to add my version of the Sanctuary Bridge into the mix.

I made an error on the original texture I released and have since tweaked and improved it, and also added a new version described below..."



"There's only one thing that birds enjoy more than sitting  on wooden bridges, and that is....
  Yes! That's right, you guessed it-

...and I've only gone and done it too! (no, not literally- that would get me arrested lol! - No, I've gone and textured it!)

"NMC's Sanctuary Bridge is now available in a "Guano-fied" Edition, where the wasteland birds have made themselves at home and added a little 'character' to Sanctuary bridge.

Bringing their own particular brand of Jackson Pollock-styled decoration to the wasteland, you can now admire their artistic creations in up to a massive 8K of detailed goodness :)

However for those less artistically inclined, there is a standard version available, which does not include any of the 'avian-artwork'.

Both editions include re-aligned bolts, and an important error fix too, which was a metal plate and bolt I accidentally omitted from the original release. I apologise for any inconvenience,

...but as they say, 's*!t happens' :)

I do hope you enjoy the new look."



Retextures the Sanctuary Bridge to give an aged weathered look more in keeping with ageing and environmental effects and with added detail.

There are 2 options- the Standard improved version, and the new 'Guano-Edition'

Each are available in the following resolutions,

8K (8192x8192 pixels)
4K (4096x4096 pixels)
2K (2048x2048 pixels) Twice the size of the default game, which is a 1K (1024x1024 pixels) texture.

The 'sweet spot' in my opinion is the 4K version, which gives a good crisp texture whilst not overtaxing your PC. But please see the comparison screenshots to help you decide.

How to install:

1) Unpack the 7zip file in the game directory/folder.

2) If you have not already done this:

Add the line :

bInvalidateOlderFiles=1   (add this under [Archive])

...to your Fallout 4.ini file found here:

C:\Users\MyName\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini

3) The new textures should now appear in the game.


Textures.com for the original base wood texture, but which was subsequently modified, edited and multi-layered by myself.

The Nexus community for their warm welcome to me on my return. And also someone whose work and attitude to modding I value, which inspired me again to create another retexture after a few PM's.


I am putting a blanket refusal on all requests for the use of all assets for all my mods and all textures I have made for any game, mainly because I am receiving these requests on almost a weekly basis now. As you can probably imagine, this is becoming quite annoying especially as I have already set my permissions for asset usage on each of my mods at Nexus.

Previously, I would consider each request on a case by case basis, but as I am being contacted over and over regularly, I have to refuse  everybody now.

Please do not PM me with any requests.