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KKthebeast - Halgoth - Leldorado - Wanamingo

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Adds a craft-able workbench to allow tagging of Misc items for use with the Scrapper perk. (Item highlighting in the world-space)

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Adds a craft-able workbench to always allow tagging of Misc items for use with the Scrapper perk level 1 and up. (Item highlighting in the world-space)

  • Press "T" key to toggle searching of items On and Off in the workbench found under the crafting section of the build menu
  •  (to see if an item is active...Look for the Magnifying glass icon on the right)

ITEMS NOW LIVE THROUGH A SAVE! Over 3,300 items now will stay tagged!
Some Items simply can't "stick" through a save (Invalid Item types - must be a MISC item)
thought items are marked as (Temporary) in the list

Upcoming Additions:

Optional Menu sub categories
  • Group by Type   - DONE -
  • Group by Alphabet  - DONE -
  • All-in-One (current)

Re-Useable Chem to access the interface on the go

Why would you want this?:

Major Improvement to Convenience

  • Have you ever played on Survival mode (works perfect on any mode) and constantly ran out of empty bottles?  Have you ever wanted to add a component or food item you like to find but there was no recipe that had it?  Well Not anymore now you can simply find the items you want to hunt for all around the common wealth and with the "magic" of the Scrapper Perk.... they now will all be highlighted out in the world space (by your choice) for all your gathering needs! Go on now "Wasteland Jesus", You can do it! We believe in you!

It Just Works (accessing a little used builtin game feature)

  • These items are not intended to be built, No scrap list have been created. The SOLE purpose its to set them so unbelievably high that you can't accidentally make them and to ensure that the items will always be able to be toggled back on,  the item limits have been set ungodly high so it will work an any normal game play to semi ridiculous console usage scenarios.

Currently uses ArmorKeywords and All DLC. ArmorKeywords is temporary and can be patched out in an update, bare with us as we finish building custom assets (Workbench, Consumables, etc)

Personal note:
Yes i know this isn't "mind blowing".  I made it for myself and decided to share it with you guys. Go easy on me... I'm a 3d Mesh Designer not an ESP demi-god. Hope you Enjoy it :)