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Bring Billy Herrington, Aniki himself, along on your adventures in the Commonwealth!

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I will be unable to continue development on this mod due to studies. But in respect of our dear departed friend, I would like to extend the offer to anyone who is willing to continue development of this mod. Anyone who wants to may use this work in their own projects or finish it as their own version. There are bugs and it is mostly unfinished, but if I can help continue Billy's legacy in one more way I would like this to be a part of that.


Bring Billy Herrington, Aniki himself, along on your adventures in the Commonwealth!

As of right now Billy is a fully functional voiced companion with basic affinity functionality to be expanded upon in the future.

Where Do I Find Billy?
Diamond City Market

Mod Requirements
Fallout 4 script extender

Additional Features

Special weapon
Billy comes equipped with a pair of special brass knuckles. Take them for yourself for a slapping good time!

Unique Perk
Maxing affinity with Billy will grant you the "Boss of this Gym" perk, increasing your unarmed damage by 20% and raising your damage resistance by 20

Send in pictures of you and your Billy companion!