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The second set of my personal outfit mashups - this time, we mash harder.

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I've told you this before but it needs repeating: You guys are awesome.

Before Anything Else

This is only my second mod like this so it won't be completely perfect. I did my best to minimize the clipping across the three versions but I'm sorry if you still encounter some because I know I probably missed a couple of spots. 

About the Mod

Once you install the mod you should see two new groups and projects in Bodyslide named "FM - Plug n Play Wasteland Mashups" and "FM - Picture Perfect Wasteland Mashups" and you can only use one of them. I'll elaborate why on the next few sections but if you want to see the difference between the two I've also uploaded comparison shots on the page. Also, if you dig deep in the outfits on Outfit Studio you'll see that they have sliders named "NewZap" or some other variations of the name near the bottom of the sliders list - DON'T DELETE THEM because they're essential in making sure that the clipping is minimal. If you do so accidentally don't worry you can just reinstall the mod. As for the stats, they're meant to be worn with arm and leg armor pieces which is why I gave them stats only a bit higher than clothing items already in the game.

Plug N' Play Version

This is the default version of the the mod which is your typical Bodylide outfit - just pick an outfit, pick a preset of your choice, hit build or batch build, and you're done! 

Picture Perfect Version

This is the "special" version I use personally and the difference between this and other version is that you can only use the Bodyslide preset I included in the pack named "FM Wasteland Mashups Preset" with the exception of the Tactical Corset outfit which uses the "FM Wasteland Mashups Preset Corset" preset because I made this version to look as good can be on my personal preset. Also, if you have my Commonwealth Mashups mod the preset that comes with that mod is interchangeable with the one on here and if you have a problem with arm armor pieces like the leather ones clipping with your character's arm you can edit the arm sliders of the preset and not affect the overall look since the outfits were adhered to the chest and leg areas except the Vault Survivor Outfit because unlike the rest of the outfits included in the pack it actually has sleeves.

Getting the Outfits

It's pretty simple - you can craft the outfits on the Armorsmith Workbench under the following sections:

Minutewoman Casuals: Outfits - Minutemen
Raider Explorer: Outfits - Raider
Railroad Charmer: Outfits - Railroad
Gunslinger Leathers: Outfits - Rugged
Commonwealth Headhunter: Outfits - Rugged
Wasteland Prowler: Outfits - Rugged
Tactical Corset: Outfits - Rugged
Vault Survivor: Outfits - Vault-Tec

If you want to bypass the requirements to build them just hit the tilde (~) key on your keyboard to bring up the console and type in "help part of the outfit's name 4" without the quotes then hit enter to see the outfits ID. After that, type "player.additem ID of the outfit 1" again without the quotes then press enter - the outfit should appear in your inventory.

Outfit Backstories

Thanks to ThePreacher here's some flavor text for the outfits!

Minutewoman Casuals:
 Hard to believe that after a long day of work you're expected to be out of uniform. Not for the Sole Survivor though. Even wearing a stylish coat she still had the time to relax while still being aware and on duty for the sake of the Commonwealth. Made of an old British Regulars Uniform, stylized and dyed in the likes of the Minutemen this outfit is made for not only feeling like the General but also letting the world know that you know how to kick back and relax, shotgun (or pistol, we don't judge) or drink in hand.

Commonwealth Headhunter:
Cut off jeans? Check. Comfortable clothing beneath? Debatable. In the Commonwealth it is a killed or be killed environment. You take what you can get and run with it. With a cut off comber jacket, scraps of clothing, old belts. The Headhunter is a outfit showing off the capability of a woman under literal pressure. And when you're the Sole Survivor? You have that in spades.

Raider Explorer:
Casual tank top and a pair of shorts, a gun and not to mention a bad attitude, is all you need to become a Raider. Some might even use it as a disguise, beaten bruised up, a few chems, and next thing you know you're on a bender in some Alley putting a knife into some dude named 'Shaky'. Or that's what they told you anyway. All the Survivor cares for is to get the job done. Who cares for a few sleepless nights between them?

Gunslinger Leathers:
A blend of the old west 'modernized' with a pair of jeans and snug belt the Gunslinger Leathers allow you to arrive in a firefight and leave it intact, in theory. With the belt gives you access to your sidearm, quickly drawing and holstering at a whim. All a girl need to get the job done is a big iron on her hip, no?

Tactical Corset:
In the wasteland, anything can be taken for the tactical value, even a corset. All that you needed was a harness and a good pair of jeans and this outfit had all that and more. Though the material was snug, worn beneath a good coat and it could prove to be distracting and enticing at the same time. It isn't often women can let a bit of class slip through with an outfit and thankfully had so much more to offer.

Vault Survivor:
The duster was torn and ragged, the vault suit was unzipped revealing a tank top beneath it. There were a few patches, wear and tear, but the important thing is that you survived and the Vault Survivor embodied that in its look. The duster was more so a cover for all the rips and tears then anything. With some bits of an old harness to keep it all together it's no doubt this outfits matches the very title you live and breathe daily.

Railroad Charmer:
Charmer was one of the many nicknames that could be assigned to the Survivor when she meets the Railroad but it's only fair that there was an outfit to match it. A simple wool top, a pair of jeans that hugged her hips and a sweater tied about her waist to complete it, the Charmer had everything an agent needed to get the job done. Not to mention with the harness it had to strap all sorts of tools of interroga-- err, ways to pacify the rest of the Commonwealth to get the job done.

Wasteland Prowler:
Clean jacket, shirt, jeans and a loose fitting belt. All you really need to travel the wasteland and be properly protected. The Prowler's purpose is to offer mobility, style and capability while travelling the Wasteland from Sanctuary to the Glowing Sea itself. Well, maybe not the Glowing Sea directly, but still you can get to the edge of it in style at least.


Without these authors and their mods making this would be impossible to me. Give their files a download if you haven't already!

Eferas - The Bad-Ass Vault Dweller Long Coat

calyps - Harness Wardrobe - Craftable Variants and Replacers

spacepoptart - Unzipped Vault Suit - CBBE - Bodyslide - AWKCR

femshepping - Femshepping and SootDirt's Female Wanderer Fashion Collection - Vanilla and CBBE

Niero and Th3Kite/TheKite -  TheKite's MilitiaWoman Outfit

Jordan1q2 - JC - Shirt and Jeans

Elianora - Eli's Armour Compendium and Eli's Sleeveless Outfits (VANILLA and CBBE)

nsk13 - Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB

kingtobbe - Irma Top (not uploaded)

jmenaru - Waster Armor - CBBE - Bodyslide 

cloud911 - Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded - CBBE Bodyslide - Vanilla 

GrinnginUrchen -  Evil Detective. (CBBE. JaneBod. Vanilla)

Mods Used in the Screenshots

Subtle ENB - Immersive Wasteland Preset

Pride of Valhalla - HD Skin Set for CBBE

LooksMenu Body Tattoos (CBBE) (EVB or vanilla)

Dave's Poses

Who Are Those Characters in the Screenshots?

Samantha - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Clarissa - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Eleanor - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Need More Outfits?

Why not check out my Commonwealth Mashups mod too?

Special Thanks

I really have to give more props to the awesome people on the CDante Modding Discord sever for putting up with all my questions and helping me out and coming with ideas for the outfits. Those guys are great!

One Last Thing

I'd love to see screenshots from you guys so don't hesitate to upload images of your characters wearing them!