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For those of you in need of a little privacy or who just want to block out the desolation and turmoil of the Commonwealth for a little while, give Yufarley's Dynamic Window Blinds a try.

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hen you need a little privacy or a break from everyday Commonwealth blight, Yufarley's Dynamic Window Blinds are just what you need.

Dynamic Window Blinds are a collection of 24 sets of fully functioning Venetian blinds. There are 3 sizes to choose from at this time, but the selection could expand to include more sizes if the response warrants it. When I started this project, I used the original player house Venetian blinds as a jumping off point. When I couldn't get them to render any new textures properly, I decided to start from scratch and build my own. That's when I noticed the vanilla blinds were pointing in the wrong direction to begin with, so it was apparent that a remodel was of the utmost urgency. It wasn't until I went to test the prototypes in game that I discovered there was really only one window in all of Sanctuary that fit the smaller sized blinds, but by that time my model had already been built, so I just went with it. Luckily, the two largest sized windows in the Sanctuary houses are the same size, so my second model fits about 80% of all Sanctuary house window space. I added a third size which is the same width and length as the single, double hung windows that are standard in the various traditional house build kits. When I finished building the blinds and went to stage them in game to take a few screen shots, I found there were several other window sizes included in various other build kits, but I decided to wait to see what kind of response these get before I build any more models. These blinds will not just snap into place like doors do. You'll have to finesse them into place yourself. They're relatively easy to position correctly. I found it easiest to place them into a starting position first, exiting workshop mode to open them, then going back into workshop mode to fine tune their position. Opening the blinds will give you a better view of how they fit within the window frame. Unlike the two sizes based on the Sanctuary windows, which are designed to fit within the window frame, the third variety is designed to fit on the outside of the double hung window frames. Also, I have Place Everywhere (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9424) installed so it's probably the case that this is why I have been able to place the blinds with relative ease. Just a little heads up.
The blinds can be found on the main menu under the heading "Dynamic Window Blinds". As a bonus, I threw in my new "Yufarley's Dry Goods" sign so you can spruce up your settlement general store a little.  At this point I don't anticipate any sort of conflict as this is a relatively unique, stand alone mod. That being said, I'm not a pro as of yet, so I may have overlooked something. Please let me know if you have any issues.