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War, War never change; But without Ron Perlman in the mix, something is missing. This mods brings Perlman BACK to Fallout.

Permissions and credits
I missed hearing Ron Perlman's voice in Fallout; so I made this mod.

What this mod does is alter the "death music" and the length of time spent looking at your dead character; the length was added to fit the audio length and add suspense.

Instead of the usual three choices for death music, there are now 6 narrations from Fallout 1 (with edits to remove plot specifics) as well as the collection of 5 funny death comments from Fallout 2.

You can watch ALL death tracks below. This is the normal file at 100% music.

The mod comes in three flavors, Normal, Medium and Loud; choose only one.

I did this because I still wanted to hear Perlman's narrations even though I play my music at 50%.
If you play the game with 70 - 100% music volume, choose Normal.
Between 50 - 70 Percent, you can choose Medium to hear Ron better.
And if you play at 50% or less like I do, choose Loud.

You can simply install one at a time in NMM to test the different volumes.

This mod will conflict with any mod that changes the death music; simply put lower in the load order.
If you use a mod like Digital Nightmares, a mod I HIGHLY recommend and is why I use 50% music volume; it will conflict. But the conflict is JUST the death music that overwrite the three originals tracks in game, everything else in game works as before.

'Fallout 1 game over' by zalteredbeastz for the mod that inspired this, and approving my uploading of my mod.

JohnB for creating the Skyrim Audio Converter used to make the xwm files.

Interplay for developing and publishing Fallout 1 and 2; the rights to which are now property of Bethesda.

https://fallout.gamepedia.com/ for hosting the audio files to Fallout 1 and 2.

Software used
Goldwave software for editing the audio files.
I used the software to add silence so the audio starts at the correct point of death, and to move around some of the audio to clip out plot and lengthen the track. And to add the necessary volume to keep the audio consistent while turning down in game music.
The funny tracks are MOSTLY original, 1 file has some edits.