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Rejoice, fellow wastelanders!

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I'm no longer active nor maintaing this mod, and will not support it anymore. Maybe sometime in the future IF I get back to FO4, I can consider starting over from scratch, sorry everyone. I don't have enough mental strength to further provide updates and bugfixes. 

Description :

Since Horizon changes every aspect of the game, especially guns, additional patching is required to make things work. It's a tedious and painfull task and even more for those who don't know sh*t about modding. So I've decided to do my best and make things better for all of us who can't stand the crappy vanilla experience, playing with our beloved Horizon mod!

Please bear in mind that I'm not a "professional" modder or so to say, I'm doing my best with the little free time that I have.

To all newcomers: Do NOT update the original weapon mod UNLESS i release the updated patch here, otherwise things will not behave as intended. And if you have any sort of bug, check the original weapon mod page on the comments or bugs section FIRST before reporting here.

(I am no longer extensively supporting this mod)

Remember to ALWAYS check the POSTS and FORUM sections, since the front page is only updated with basic information regarding what mods are patched and their versions.

General Information:

  • This is a compilation of weapon mods that i've patched, all in one file. NO ASSETS are available here, that means you'll need to download the weapons listed on this page, because I am not allowed to distribute the files here, I only provide the .esp plugin.
  • You will need to follow the Merge guide on the bottom of the page, otherwise this will not work at all.
  • If you don't want the hassle of packing the files into the .ba2 archive, you can alternatively leave the files as it is. The only absolute requirement would be to extract the files from mods that have their assets packed in a .ba2 archive. This is because all packed files need an .esp to load the assets into the game, and since we're not going to use the original mod's .esp's, the asets wouldn't be loaded at all, this is because of how the game engine works.
  • If using the Addon weapons, follow the same procedures for unpacking/packing.


REQUIRES Horizon v1.5.4

The .esp plugins should be ALWAYS be placed after Z_Horizon.esp

Z_Horizon_WeaponsPatchAIO.esp - This is the Main File.
Z_Horizon_WeaponsPatchAddon.esp - This is the Optional Weapons Addon Pack.
**Optional Skinpacks.esp**


Weapon Blueprint System:

  • The crafting system revamped. All weapons present on the patch requires a special blueprint, crafted at the Tech Lab, in order to the gun to be crafted.

  • All magazines require Pre-War money in order to be crafted, and Trading skills.
  • The requirements from skills and pre-war money is different for each weapon.

  • Once crafted, you can see the blueprint in your inventory, as an consumable item. The ystem works just like sealed magazine packages. Consume the item to receive the blueprint.

Weapon Crafting System:

  • Should you even want to craft a specific weapon, the new system takes full advantage of Horizon's Weapons Lab. It is located under the "Weapons" submenu.

  • Here, you will see a list of all the weapons added by the patch, After it's name you can see the information about the default caliber the weapon is chambered once crafted, Damage value corrsponding to the default caliber, the crafting requirements and finally the Skills required. (Note: This image is for references only, It may differ from future versions of the patch in case something has changed).

  • Once crafted, the weapon will appear in your intevory tab, in it's basic version without any mods, and in Good condition.

Weapons Patched:

  • All weapons can be found on NPC's, but they're always in random conditions, meaning that a weapon good conditions will be less common. 
  • I've carefully distributed them accordingly to specific NPC's: Raiders will have older and mostly lower to mid-end weapons, while Gunners have a more advanced arsenal on their hands. 
  • There's also a level requirement for each weapon to be spawned into their specific NPC's, meaning that high-end weapons will spawn when the player is close or above level 20. 
  • Weapons have a chance to not spawn at all, ranging from 5% to 30% chances of not spawning at all, to keep them a little bit more uncommon
  • All the weapons listed here are required, but I've made an optional feature that let's you remove the weapons you don't want and it is included in the FOMOD installer. If you intend to use it, you can skip downloading the weapons you're gonna have removed.

Note that the actual statuses that you see for each weapon in the images may change in future patch versions, this is for references only. All the weapons shown on their respective screenshots are represented in its most basic condition (no mods attached).

Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 v1.4.5 - (Note: The new v1.4.5 update is redundant, if you have v1.3 or 1.4.2 there's no need to download it if you don't want)

Sig Sauer P220 v1.03 and animations patch (v2.0) by FiddlerGreen *Note: only FiddlerGreen animation version is supported. Download the main weapon, and the animation files AND the hotfix.

Krebs AK v1.0

MK14 EBR Reduxv1.4 (You can download any of the Sounds and Animations optionals)

Walther P99 v1.9

The Widow Shotgun v1.1

McMillan CS5 v2.0

Wattz Laser Gun v1.3.1

Chinese Assault Rifle v1.4 (grab the animations from Steampunk755 a.k.a. WarDaddy (Special thanks to him!) and deactivate the plugin)

FN Five-Seven v2.1c

Defense Gun v1.1

The M14 Standalone Rifle v1.0

Service Rifle v1.1

Ak5C v1.2

Optional addon:
Ak5C Skin Packs v I 

AKM v2.2

Beretta PX4 Storm v1.2

Beretta 92FS Sword Cutlass v1.1

9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux v2.0

DOOMBASED M1911A1 - Standalone Handgun v2.1 (tip: seach over the nexus for an alternate firing sound for this

H&K G36 Complex v1.1

Bullpup Bozar v1.2

MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun v1.4

CBJ-MS v1.2

Chiappa Triple Treat v1.0

Colt 6520 v1.8

Caravan Shotgun v1.0

Makarov PM v0.1g

Yeah, I suck at editing images...

Weapons Patched (Skyman's Addon):

This is entirely optional, you can use it if you want.
All weapons listed here are required, there are no weapon removers for this.
All the features on of the main plugin are present here too.

AK74M - Assault Rifle  v3.5 - by FX0x01 - Ha_ru - Navaro - Vadim Spiridonov

M1 Garand - A WWII Classic
 v1.6.5  - by asXas
Optional: M1 Garand Skin Packs  v I 

Mosin Nagant - Sniper Rifle
  v1.2 - by FX0x01 - WarDaddy - Navaro - shavkacagarikia - Covadonga - and other

RU556 - Assault rifle
  v2.0 - by FX0x01 - Ha_ru - Navaro - LeeSwager - Oh Deer and other 

  v1.06 - by The Shiny Haxorus 

  v1.1 - by asXas and Ha_ru 
Optinal: SVT-40 Skin Packs  v I -

OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol
  v1.1 - by FX0x01 - Hitman47101 

Grease Gun SMG
  v1.03 - by Hitman47101 and DeadPool2099

9x39 Project
  v1.1a - (ATTENTION: This is NOT the Original mod, it's the new one available on the Nexus - by robersonb1 - Original mod by FX0x01 - Ha_ru - Navaro and Firends.

Russian Recon Pack - SVU and MP443
  v1.2 - by FX0x01 - Ha_ru - Hitman47101 - Navaro 

  • Important: The installation and .ba2 packing procedure is the same as my main plugin (described below), you just need to name the .ba2 archives after the name of the .esp, like: 

  • Z_Horizon_WeaponsPatchAddon - Main.ba2 
    Z_Horizon_WeaponsPatchAddon - Textures.ba2 

Merged Plugin Installation Instructions:



zawinul, for creating Horizon

Millenia, for creating M3D - Sig Sauer P220 

Fallout4Why, for creating MK14 EBR

TrophiHunter, for creating P99

Corvalho1, for creating The Widow Shotgun

FX0x01, for creating Krebs AK and Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex

ajhakra for creating McMillan CS5

DeadPool2099 for creating Wattz Laser Gun , 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux and Bullpup Bozar and Caravan Shotgun

WastelandMelody for creating Chinese Assault Rifle and Service Rifle

Sudniro for creating FN Five-Seven

YonaTaku for creating Defense Gun

AlexScorpion for creating Makarov PM

ff7cloudstrife for creating The M14 Standalone RIfle

asXas for creating Ak5C

ngabber for creating AKM

GaigeStorm for creating Beretta PX4 Storm

jmenaru for creating Beretta 92FS Sword Cutlass

NavaroBL for creating Colt 6520

ExpoAlt for creating MTs-255

stabcops/DOOM for creating M1911A1 - Standalone Handgun, CBJ-MS
and Chiappa Triple Treat

OhDeer/DOOM for creating Ak5C Skin Packs , SVT-40 Skin Packs and M1 Garand Skin Packs

Special thanks to Elianora for the blueprints idea from her mod, and the blueprints textures!