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  • A guide on packing and re-packing archives.

    Merged Plugin Installation Instructions:

    Packing files into a .ba2 archive isn't absolutely necessary, although it's the best practice. You can safely use the merged plugin without packing the files into the archives BUT you still need to extract the files from the original mods that are originally packed, so it's entirely up to you.

    As for skin packs or any addon (like the AK5C Skin Packs) that might come out to any of the weapons in the merged patch, you won't be able to use them unless I make a compatibility patch, wich will be done eventually, as it's rather simple to do it. There's also no need to extract Skin Packs files, just replace the original .esp with the one i provide here

    I've made this entirely for my personal use, and i've be...