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This mod enhances the Minutemen to convert them in a more strong background lore faction. Adds a group of minutemen specialist that can spawns individually as others and gives all minutemen dedicated equipment to add a wild west and steampunk touch.

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First of fall, sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker. Please, be understanding and thanks for take your time to read. I have created a changes section to avoid the main page flooding.

I want to fix something, I forgot to credit MunkySpunk for his great textures of the dog armor, who gave me his permission but, dumb of me, I forgot to credit his great work, so there is a special mention in the head, because he is a great texturization modder. Do not forget to endorse his work and enjoy all his content.

If you play Fallout 4 with Horizon now ThaMan has released a Patch to make FWM work by the rules of Horizon system. Here it is: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28977

Far West Minutemen new Lite Version! For those players that do not decide yet to try the mod :) or those who do not want the full version of what I dreamed.

I bring news hehe, I think this is going to like a lot of users :) I have been working on a new version of the mod, more lite, more balanced with a survival game focused on the scarcity, so now I release Far West Minutemen - Lite Version!
This is a version with only one prerrequisite among the DLCs, you only need AWKCR, this version does not need Armorsmith Extended either Cross Cybernetics, Crimsomrider Accesories or West Tek Tactical Optics, it is a version focused on those players who want enhance the minutemen faction with a no steampunk style but still Far West, but without a lot of dependencies or overpowered gear. This version includes all Tumbajamba's works so the Minutemen wear their outfits, hats and other equipment as always, but this time there are chances to not wear them, just outfit and hat.

As always I sincerely hope you like and thanks again to tumbajamba who let me bring you this new stuff hehe, here it is the changes of 2.1:

- New Tumbajamba armor for the extremists.
- New Tumba outfit for hunters.
- New equipment by Tumba that the basic minutemen and specialists can carry in general.
- Now scarves should be seen.
- Fixed some internal errors of templates thanks to the collaboration of Thirdstorm.
- I have published a patch to make the mod compatible with the Horizon's system, eliminating the carry capacity of the backpacks.
- Corrected armor that by mistake did not guarantee resistance to damage.
- Fixed some equipment errors in relation to slots, stats, world models and values.


Now a list with the changes and mentions of Far West Minutemen v.2.0 :)

- Newspecialists: Minuteman conqueror, provisioner and marshal.
- New outfits for basic Minutemen, for pioneers thanks to Crimsomrider, emissaries thanks to Ja1ine.
- New armors for conquerors, marshals and reeves by Tumbajamba.
- Warning!: the new armors of tumbajamba are not unisex, they are designed for a specific male or female body, and some of them are not designed for the main player so can cause glitches in first person view, specially crouched. The mod is designed as a visual overhaul of the minutemen and the armors fit well on npcs and maybe not on the player as I have said.
- New hats by courtesy of Tumbajamba for the extremist Minutemen.
- Two new backpacks courtesy of Tumbajamba and the integration of the rebel backpack thanks to L0rd0fWar.
- New integrated equipment: Provisioner backpack and new gas masks thanks to m150.
- NewTumbajamba armor for minutemen dogs.
- New retexturized armors for hunters and strategists.
- Now we will consider Preston a specialist minuteman, strategist in fact, so now he wears a strategist duster.
- New visual aspect for Ronnie Shaw, now considered a recognized ex-reeve, mediator of conflicts with a firm hand, and although she retired, a real minuteman never retires at all, so she keeps her old equipment.
- I have included several minutemen related to missions, such as the assault to the institute, to use my outfits and ranks.
- New custom equipment for the vertibird minutemen pilots (the vertibird minutemen are still the originals, that is, you only get access to them if you destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel with the help of the Minutemen)


Due to the inability to contact with the user m150 and toshizo7 I have not made possible to include the mod Cigarettes in Mouth (you can see lot of images here of Minutemen smoking cigars and pipes) that was a fundamental part of my mod and the asset scarfs from Eli's Compendium, there may be some images with them). These items are already included in other version so, if in the future they give me their permission I’ll update the mod to include these assets, but for now it can´t be possible.

Two things:

  • First, enhances the faction with a variety of professional troops with custom names that adds flavor to the Minutemen in a simple way, they still being basic minutemen, but they have a background and their outfits and equipment show it.
  • Second, make elaborated and custom leveled list of outfits and equipment assigned to the common minutemen list and the specific specialists lists. 

Far West Minutemen does not modify any weapon that the Minutemen use. I would like to make my custom list at this point, but due to the scripts injection that most weapon mods nowadays do it’s a little complicated. 

Clarifying a bit about specialist spawns, FWM modifies the LCharMinutemen List to integrate, among the basic minutemen that still being there (and their proportion have been increased) the rest of minutemen that I have created. These Minutemen level scale with the player according to the vanilla values. 



Thanks to the suggestion of Aldebaran90 when I asked her for permission to use his mod, I integrated the 3 backpacks of Wearable Backpacks and Pouches (Venturer, Wanderer and Traveler) so that the mod is not necessary. In contrast, if you are a user of this mod you are likely to find the recipe for repeated manufacturing in the armor workbench. To avoid repetition I will include a download of the mod without the recipes. Thanks too to Eferas for give me permission to integrate the shoulder bags.

  • Caliente, for his female body model.
  • Valdacil, which has allowed AWKCR that many other modders can work.
  • Gambit77, for his unsurpassed work at Armorsmith Extended.
  • Niero, for Pre-war Cybernetics, the base of my inspiration.
  • Elianora, for his Eli's Compendium. Invaluable experience and talent with armor and accessories.
  • Fadingsignal, for West Teck Tactical Optics. A mod of very high quality as well as with all his work.
  • Crimsomrider, for its accessories and clothing mods. It makes the Commonwealth a much more enjoyable and lively place.
  • M150, for his incredible pipes and cigars that give a phenomenal touch to a game in which you do not stop to find tobacco and you can hardly see people smoking more than when they execute an animation.
  • Aldebaran90, for the backpacks and pouches, her mod is essential for me.
  • Ellise, for her black shoulder bag in the Compendium, looks great!
  • Arideya, for Wasteland Fashion. A mod that I have been using for years and I consider myself a number 1 fan for its style. After my first game (without mods) I never got rid of it.
  • Eferas, for his bandoliers, especially the brown one that is my favorite and my pj usually uses it.
  • Nman368, for its wonderful and configurable travel bag, that knapsack is amazing, especially with the hanging gas mask.