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Adds the nuclear generators from Lorenzo's prison cell into the settlement menu.

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~Lorenzo's Reactors~

When I was playing through the Cabot House questline and finally got to Lorenzo's room, I noticed the cool little nuclear reactors up on top of his cell - I tried looking them up in the CK and found that they were made up of about 10 pieces, which was beyond my skills at the time to fix.  I've since gotten better with .nifs and have reassembled the mesh and made it usable by anybody! :-)

This mod will add those reactors from the Cabot prison cell room to your settlement menu, under "Generators" with the rest of the power-generation stuff.  I think that the building requirements are a bit light, but at this point in the game I don't think anybody will really care.

####  Update!
Added a 100 power and 500 power version, along with a smaller-scaled edition of all three reactors, and I've modified their internal ID's so that you could potentially run all 7 versions of the mod simultaneously.  If you download the new zips, there's three esp's in each one, just delete the versions you don't want, and if you for some reason want to run all 7 versions at once, there's a single-esp All-in-One.

####  Known Issues
None yet! :-)

Mod made with FO4Edit, NIFSkope, and the CK.