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Modifies the cut of Cait's corset and jeans to be a little more sexy. Works with CBBE and BodySlide. Includes a version with breast physics.

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This is a replacer for our favorite brogue-spitting hellraiser's base outfit.  It is optimized for CBBE with an alternate CBBE Physics version.  BodySlide files are included in case you want to adjust it to your preferred body type.  The corset is now cut a little lower in the front, narrower in the back, and higher at the hem, and the jeans are cut with a low rise.  I don't think this is exactly a slooty look, but it is moderately sexy.  Enjoy.

This is a replacer only.  I haven't delved into how to make a craftable version.  If you want one for your character without taking Cait's, open the console and type "player.additem 1921d6".  I've included a CBBE mesh for Cait's gloves because they're not in the base outfit mesh and I found they clipped the CBBE body.


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- or BodySlide to conform the mesh to your body.


Download and install either version (NOT BOTH) with Nexus Mod Manager.  There's no .esp, only loose files, so you could manually copy the files to your data directory if you want.  Good luck with that.

To build these to a body type other than CBBE, open BodySlide, select "Tailored - Cait Corset" under Outfit/Body, select your preferred body Preset, and click Build.

Feel free to upload screenshots of your Cait.  I'm not going to curate them, but I'd like to keep this mod rated for general audiences, so please don't upload photos that belong in the Adult category (e.g., nudity, gore).


This mod is provided without guarantees.  I don't intend to publish it to any platform but PC.  Although I've already updated it a few times, I don't promise further updates unless there's a major issue.  If you see problems that look like I've screwed something up, please let me know.  I think I've solved most clipping issues.  If you have issues and are using maxed out slider settings, I recommend tweaking the mesh to your own tastes in Outfit Studio.  


To Bethesda for another incredible game.
To Caliente and Ousnius for their awesome tools.  Outfit Studio made this mod possible.
To Nightasy/BrainPoof for his handy YouTube tutorials explaining how to use Outfit Studio and other tools.
To jonwd7 for the B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor that opened up Bethesda's meshes for me.

I'm not the first one to have a go at this.  There are several other redux versions of Cait's corset out there on the Nexus:
Corset Black Re-color by agentbrea offers a biker gal retexture that would work well in combination with my mesh mod.
Harley Quinn Corset by Hollowann is another retex if you prefer a DC Comic theme.
Cait's Corset-Five Versions by tookiejones is a third retex with a lacy corset and colored pants. Any of these tex files could be mashed up with my mesh.
Deep Cleavage by gt9797 delivers exactly what it advertises in a modded mesh with a low-cut bodice.
Cait's Corset Change by Reebdoog101 may be the the ultra-slooty option you're looking for.
There are other worthy contenders.  Just search for "corset" on the Nexus.

I also recommend Loving Cait by Koozebane as an improvement to Cait's face and hair.