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Moves the oil lanterns in Sanctuary and Graygarden to the workbench.

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~Relocated Oil Lamps~

This is a simple mod that addresses something that's bugged me for years - if you scrap the box in Sanctuary that the burning Oil Lamp is sitting on, it gets rid of the lamp too - I like the lamp tho, so I finally made a mod that moves the lamp (and the glowing lamplight that's attached to it) to sit on top of the workbench.  While replaying again, I noticed that there's a similar oil lamp in Graygarden, so I've moved it too.  I'm going to keep going and if I spot another lamp that needs moving, I'll add it to the mod.

There's two editions of the mod - one will move the lamps, and the other will restore the lamps and then move them if you've already scrapped them (which you likely have, if you aren't starting a new game)  If you use the replacer edition, it will work just fine on a new game also.

####  Known Issues
None yet! :-)

Mod made with FO4Edit and the CK.