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This is adds a lot more customization by actually allowing you to alter the in game Skin at any Armor Workbench! Body and Hand Skin both apply, I have also added Ballistic Weave options and the Legendary Attach Point.

Permissions and credits
What do I mean by "Modifiable Skin"?  I mean that you can get your skin bring it to any Armor Workbench and Modify it!


Disclaimer:  This Mod can be a very useful tool for a myriad of reasons.  To properly use this Mod it does require a little bit of work on your end though.  However, I have made the process very very easy to do.  There is a different process with Outfits as it relates to this mod that will require more work, but if you are familiar with it it is a very easy process as well.

Second Disclaimer:  This Mod was built around and probably is only useful for Female Characters that use the CBBE or CBBE Physics Bodies.  Other Body Types might be doable, but will require more work on your end probably with both the ESP File and renaming textures.

Read the Disclaimers they are very important!


Do you like Customization?  Do you like the ability to be able to customize stuff that you normally couldn't customize in game?

Well then be prepared to customize your character's skin (after all it is considered an "Armor" in game).

I bring to you "Modifiable Skin (CBBE - CBBE Physics)"

Mod Info:
This is the actual "SkinNaked" (EditorID) in the vanilla game itself that I modified... this is NOT a copy of the Skin.

The first step is VERY IMPORTANT!  You MUST make your Skin first at any Chem Station under the new "Skin" Category to be able to see it in your inventory!

Skin:  5 Armor Rating - Takes up the Body and Left and Right Hand Slots when Equipped - 50 Bones, 25 Adhesive, and 10 Plastic (This is CBBE Bodies we are talking about...) are required to make your Skin - Weighs 0 Lbs.

After you have made your Skin it will replace the Skin that you had on before hand, and when you unequip your Skin your Skin will still show as normal but this is the Skin that you cannot modify (hence why you have to craft the Skin first).

Due to how this works any Armor, Outfit, or Clothing that has the Body Slot with it will unequip the Skin.  Look for Modular Outfits/Armors/Clothing or if you know how to remove the Body Shape from Outfit Studio (you must do this part also and not just the ESP part) and adjust the ESP File accordingly and you will be able to wear all of your favorite outfits while also being able to modify your skin!  Otherwise just run around naked... BECAUSE FREEDOM!!

There are a total of 5 Custom Slots for both your Skin and Hands.  These Slots are already populated with vanilla CBBE Textures (which is why this mod is so large), this is done to show you all you need to do is replace these textures in these folders and name them EXACTLY the same which is standard naming conventions (, etc) and you got yourself a new Custom Body Texture that you can swap out in game!  It is that easy!

Also, I have added the Legendary Attach Point to the Skin and added Ballistic Weave as well.  So now you can have Armored, Legendary Skin!

I am going to release this as a SFW mod as it's intent is not to be lewd, but rather be a useful tool that players can use for further customization.

Compatibility Issues:
This mod should work perfectly with any and all CBBE related Tattoo Mods, and Custom Skin Texture Mods.

It might not work well with certain mods that modify the Skin in certain ways.  I haven't run into them yet though, please let me know if you run into anything.

Known Bugs:
Occasionally when Modifying the Skin at the Armor Workbench the characters Skin disappeared... it showed back up again after I got done though.

Probably more, please report them in the Bug section if you find them!

Install through NMM and enable the ESP or ESL File.

If you don't use NMM:  Copy (or Cut) the contents of the Mods Data Folder into your game's Data Folder and enable the ESP or ESL File.

For Custom Content please pick any of the wide variety of Skin retextures and Hand retextures available right here at NexusMods.  Then place them in the right Texture Folder provided and named the same as the textures that are already in there.

Thank Yous:
Bethesda for making Fallout 4
Bethesda for the CK
ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio, also the Material Editor
Caliente and ousnius for the CBBE Body Base
The makers of FO4Edit
All the makers of the excellent Skin and Hand retextures available here

This mod was made by myself using FO4Edit, the Material Editor, and the Creation Kit for the ESL File.

This Mod contains 1337% Ballistic Weaved Skin by Volume.

Actual in game Skin Customiztion is a thing now...  "FUTURE!!!!" - Squidward

Please enjoy irresponsibly as always!