Fallout 4
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Turns the Jet House (Standoff edition) into a settlement for the Player to pimp.

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Got too many turds in the wasteland addicted to jet? Just take over their house!
Need some more street corners for your operation? Just bulldoze the hobos!
Have hemorrhoids? Consult a doctor!

I am the duke of Marbury the second of Canterbury the third of Yorkshire Pudding, your eternal ruler and magnificence, in the pixel, as it were, squire to Pete Hines and heir to the throne of Godd Howard. In returning to the throne of wisdom and shenanigans, after a hiatus, I have come to the conclusion that:

  1. I don't blame you modders and mod users for feeling put upon, I'm just a humble country modder trying to do the best I can against this brilliant Creation Kit from the big city of Bethesda.
  2. I like the Believable Drumlin Diner mod but I want to make it a settlement.
  3. I miss Fallout 3 style diners.
  4. Instead of a "jet house" that serves only as a location for a standoff between a druggy, his mom, and two drug dealers, we have a settlement. And the spawn is opposite of the main entrance, I believe. I think.

Please report any and all bugs, complaints, comments, trials, tribulations, and ne'er-do-well's to my secretary, Mr. Jones Doesn'townabigwhitevanwithcatandcandypicturesonthedoors XVI of Canterbury.

1.0 - Finished a week before, uploaded 11/16/2017


You can't use the people in the settlement, and the settlement border is based off of another existing settlement so it is quite limited in specific shape.

Please, someone take this mod over and make it something useful, I am done with making new settlements, that was two hours of horror.


Heather Casdin is used in the picture, created by llamaRCA, and Unlocked Settlement Objects, as well as a few miscellaneous mods to do with placing anywhere, scrapping everything, etc.

Bethesda for the Geck and the game itself, the creators, admins, and fellow users and modders of Nexus for this amazing community.

Me for making this amazing mod that pushes the boundaries of the game engine made by BGS in complicated, multi-tiered scripting, handmade by BGS models, and professionally made by BGS voice acting for BGS made, custom NPCs.

This guide which helped me make this "mod."