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Adds in a craftable pair of Protectron legs that function like Assaultron legs, for when you want a Protectron but don't want it to be the slowest thing ever.

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  • Portuguese

This simple mod adds in a new craftable set of legs to the robot workbench, they look like Protectron legs, and use the same mods as them, but have slightly less carry weight and instead function like Assaultron legs. Essentially it makes a Protectron use Assaultron animations, as such they become much faster and more proficient in melee combat. The legs are added to the appropriate form list via script, so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods.

  • Crafting

The legs can be crafted right after acquiring the robot workbench, however they require the first ranks of the Science! and Armorer perks, along with more components than the default Protectron legs.
Here's an older video that shows what you can expect from this:


This mod requires Automatron.