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Makes the Concord water tower a player home with a functioning workshop.

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After all this time no one has made the water tower at the beginning of the game into a home! It's overdue and here it is. It requires only the base game.

New update 1.2: Should fix any issues with the workshop not recognizing the floor as a surface to place items. Added a surface just beneath the existing floor that the workshop DOES recognize. Tested with just base game and no other mods and it worked. Also adjusted the spawn points inside the tower to try and eliminate things like spawning on the wrong side of the ladder upon entry and such. Moved the location of the key because of other mods that alter the Sanctuary Bridge. New key location is still a loose brick, but is now hidden closer to the water tower.

Makes the Concord water tower a player home. It has 3 small levels, with connecting stairs, and a functioning interior workshop similar to Home Plate. There is now an exterior workshop and build area as well. The inventories of the interior and exterior workbenches are linked. YOU MUST ACTIVATE THE INTERIOR WORKSHOP BEFORE THE INVENTORY WILL SHOW IN THE EXTERIOR WORKBENCH. The interior is fully navmeshed and I tested it with Ada. The workshop is immediately available upon entry. There is a platform on top of the tower with a lovely view of the Commonwealth. The exterior workbench is now a proper non-settlement exterior workbench that will let you build anything outside. There is also a 100 power fusebox on the ground and a 25 power fusebox on the roof. I've increased the size of the tower by 20% to justify the size of the interior.

There is a main story related history behind it. Without giving too much away, it was set up by people with the necessary technology that have been operating in the Commonwealth for a very long time. They needed to have their field agent based near Sanctuary for an extended period. While he used it as a base, it was not necessary for him to live there full time as his employers keep him very busy. The need for his presence there expired many years ago and the agent has long since moved on. He left it ready for use in case he ever had a need to return. The door was locked with a Master level lock and the key was hidden in the nearby area.

Nearly everything currently placed inside can be moved and scrapped. You can redecorate to suit yourself. Existing crafting stations are connected to the main workshop and share inventory. There are crafting materials in the workbench and more among the clutter. There are not large quantities of materials, but there is a little of nearly everything. There is a fusebox on each level for power, similar to the one in Home Plate. There are existing lights inside, but you will have to connect a wire to an existing ceiling conduit in the lower room to activate them.

This location is NOT a settlement. Attempting to make it a settlement would create conflicts with Red Rocket and Sanctuary because of the close proximity. It's a problem with the game engine. So, you can't send settlers here or link the workshop inventory with settlements via caravans.