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New Sentry robot parts!

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-Fixed misplaced elbow pads of ST-BB Left and Right Armarmo
-Changed ST-BB Left and Right Auto Laser's bullet fx to Plasma fx (thanks to soldierhobbes for teaching me)

Please read:
-Unequip ST-BB Left and Right Auto Lasers before uninstalling old version file
-Then, install the new version file and equip the ST-BB Left and Right Auto Lasers to load the plasma bullet fx, otherwise the weapons will not shot anything


Okay, Here we go~

ST-BB adds new automatron parts
Requires Automatron DLC

Here are the ST-BB mod parts:
 ST-BB Left and Right Arm armo
 ST-BB Left and Right Auto Laser (hand weapons)
 ST-BB Left and Right Cluster Launcher (shoulder grenade launchers)
 ST-BB Left and Right Unstable Fat Boy (shoulder fatmen)
 ST-BB Helm Rhino
 ST-BB Limb Head
 ST-BB Torso Front armo
 ST-BB Torso Top armo
 ST-BB Limb Leg
 ST-BB Left and Right Leg armo
 ST-BB Waist armo

most of the parts are based on voltaic robot frames with added damage and energy resistance
damage resistance is at 425 and energy resistance is at 405 when all armor mods are equipped
both left and right auto lasers have base damage of 90
st-bb limb legs are based on assaultron legs' skeleton
 -you need to have the vanilla assaultron legs to snap the skeleton of the ST-BB Limb Legs into place
you can also type "help ST-BB 4 misc" for the parts