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About this mod

My personal armor mashups, now for your female characters too!

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Thanks to everyone who took time to download! You guys are awesome.

Before Anything Else

This is the first time I've done a mod like this so it won't be 100% perfect. I've tried my best to alleviate the clipping but I'm sorry if you encounter some because I know I probably missed a couple of spots. Once I get the hang of modding armors and other things I'll definitely update this mod as I get better and even add outfits as more permissions roll in.

About the Mod

Once you install the mod you should see two new groups and projects in Bodyslide named "FM - Plug n Play Commonwealth Mashups" and "FM - Picture Perfect Commonwealth Mashups" and you can only use one of them. I'll elaborate why on the next few sections. If you want to see the difference between the two I've also uploaded comparison shots on the page. Also, if you dig deep in the outfits in Outfit Studio you'll see that they have sliders named "NewZap" or some other variations of - DON'T DELETE THEM because they're essential in making sure that the clipping is minimal. If you do so accidentally don't worry you can just reinstall the mod. And another note, The Minutewoman outfit not having the radio on the Plug N' Play version is normal - the leather belt just horribly distorts on any preset.

Plug N' Play Version

This is the default version of the the mod which is your typical Bodylide outfit - just pick an outfit, pick a preset, hit build, and you're done! 

Picture Perfect Version

This is the "special" version I use personally and the difference between this and other version is that you can only use the Bodyslide preset I included in the pack named "FM Commonwealth Mashups Preset" on it and the trade-off is that it looks a tiny bit better than the Plug N' Play version because the outfits were sculpted to just one body type.

Getting the Outfits

It's pretty simple - you can craft the outfits on the Armorsmith Workbench under the following sections:

Wasteland Duchess: Outfits - Dapper
Gunner Casuals: Outfits - Gunners
The Minutewoman: Outfits - Minutemen
Railroad Operative: Outfits - Railroad
Hipster Casuals: Outfits - Rugged
Scavenger Top: Outfits - Rugged
Scavenger Shorts: Outfits - Rugged
Rugged Vault Suit: Outfits - Vault-Tec

If you want to bypass the requirements to build them just hit the tilde (~) key on your keyboard to bring up the console and type in "help part of the outfit's name 4" without the quotes then hit enter to see the outfits ID. After that, type "player.additem ID of the outfit 1" again without the quotes then press enter - the outfit should appear in your inventory.

Outfit Backstories

Courtesy of ThePreacher here's some flavor text for the outfits!

Wasteland Duchess:
 "Imported" from the sprawling Vegas Mojave the Wasteland Duchess was given its name from Margaret 'Duchess' Dukov who walked from California all the way to the Commonwealth. Scavenger, raider and tailor alike all saw the simple but comfy fit of this fine jacket and corset and to this day tried to get the exact material right, but could never quite get there. Doesn't stop you, the Sole Survivor, from taking advantage and using a found design for your own wardrobe though, no?

Scavenger Top/Shorts:
Even the Commonwealth can get hot beyond any reasonable temperature. This outfit, with portions that could be worn seperate, was taken after pre-war 'workout' outfits. These days not may know what working out means, but made for distraction, comfort and all things in between no doubt they can cool you off even on the hottest day of the year within the high noons of Boston.

Hipster Casuals:
Not too many would admit it but days upon days wearing nothing but leather could get damned right annoying! However with this casual outfit you get a stylish jacket, padded and armored to ward off small blades while still offering their own unique style. Pair this with a pair of jeans and it won't be just your companions that will be eyeing you over!

Rugged Vault Suit:
You only could find so many Vault Suits before one of them got ripped by a molerat, got scuffled by a wild mongrel, or even a raider trying to take what caps you had while on his latest drug high. Using an old engineer's harness to keep it all together the suit still gives the comfort of Vault-Tec while giving the impression to the rest of the Commonwealth that you know how to get %$#@ done!

Railroad Operative:
Among the Railroad being able to move quickly is key. Their armored coats were built for the heavies, but what could the sleek field operative wear without looking like something out of prewar? This leather and canvas vest did the job just right. Letting the arms breathe while showcasing just enough to trip up some of the more simpler targets the Operative lets any female member of the Railroad strut her stuff without giving away too much.

Gunner Casuals:
Not too often do Gunners not wear anything but Combat Armor and some form of military fatigue but for those that to the Casuals was the way to go. A cloth harness with shorts and a top made this outfit distracting and functional to any potential enemies. Be mindful of the amount of skin though! Can't be a Gunner if you're gunned down from showing too much pale skin!


Without these authors and their mods making this would be impossible to me. Give their files a download if you haven't already!

EferasThe Bad-Ass Vault Dweller Long Coat

calyps - Harness Wardrobe - Craftable Variants and Replacers

spacepoptart - Unzipped Vault Suit - CBBE - Bodyslide - AWKCR

femshepping - Femshepping and SootDirt's Female Wanderer Fashion Collection - Vanilla and CBBE

Niero and Th3Kite/TheKite -  TheKite's MilitiaWoman Outfit

Jordan1q2JC - Shirt and Jeans

ElianoraEli's Armour Compendium and Eli's Sleeveless Outfits (VANILLA and CBBE)

nsk13Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB

kingtobbe - Irma Top (not uploaded)

jmenaruWaster Armor - CBBE - Bodyslide 

Mods Used in the Screenshots

Subtle ENB - Immersive Wasteland Preset

Pride of Valhalla - HD Skin Set for CBBE

LooksMenu Body Tattoos (CBBE) (EVB or vanilla)

Dave's Poses

Who Are Those Characters in the Screenshots?

Samantha - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Clarissa - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Eleanor - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Need More Outfits?
Why not check out my Wasteland Mashups mod too?

Special Thanks
I really have to give more props to the awesome people on the CDante Modding Discord sever for putting up with all my questions and helping me out and coming with ideas for the outfits. Those guys are great!

One Last Thing

I'd love to see screenshots from you guys so don't hesitate to upload images of your characters wearing them!