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Simple Handy Companion thats been modded to be able to transform into a mutlipurpose crafting station and use digital storage spaces.

Permissions and credits
Mr. Crafty!
Mr. Coffee!
      P - Portable
      C - Crafting
B - Bots

 He's near Abernathy Farm
in an old trailer/Camper

If anyone's having issues with this mod, I noticed a fresh gamesave without
this installed, then go back and install via NNM seemed to fix the bugs.
(should only be if you've installed previous versions)
Otherwise, install as normal through NMM
1.92 Features(quick menu and Crafty's clones only need to be crafted once,
they are added back into your inventory when you're done using them)

Mr Crafty:
- 3 arm upgrades / 1 body change
- Creates Workstations on the fly
(no more needing to find one)
- Gives quick access to a "digital storage" container
- Can craft a "quick access menu"
(Activate in Pipboy)
- Crafty starts out without an arm, and is unaggressive.
Craft him an upgrade for some fighting support!

Crafty's Creations!

Mr. Coffee:
- WIll follow/help you if the Controller is in your inventory
- Able to store in a Nuka Coffee Container for safe keeping
               - If you give him a Nuka Bottle, he'll provide you with a Nuka Coffee!
                             (option to trade all bottles now in-game. these only show when you have
  enough bottles)                                                         

Mr. Crafty's Clones!
                   - Craftable from Crafty's workbench                                                  
                Only need to craft one, then use as a hotkey. When activated,
                     3 of Crafty's clones will be created and help you for a short time.
After, they go to a short cooldown time.

Crafty's Liberty
               - Craftable in Crafty's workbench. Gives Mr. Crafty the program and
                               memory to Materialize a small Liberty Prime to help for a short time.
gives you 3 uses per.
                  (this is an outdoor bot! he does outdoor bot stuff)

    (that's little robot minions that'll follow you into battle!)

1.92 Doesn't have all dialogue. It's mostly getting the freatures in-game.
Any bugs, let me know, since 2.0 is more of a final version


Back before the war, Whitz Labz was a general
Protoype and design company, based on the West
Coast (now the Mojave Wasteland)
One of their last projects just a year before the
War was Digitization Technology.  Designed to be
used by an artificial inteligence due to required
precision in calculations to manipulate it's 
 Robco and General Atomics
attempted to use one of their protoypes and create
a mobile crafting unit, crudley called PCB.
Short for "Portable Crafting Bot"
or the famous known "Mr. Crafty Model."
Some bugs in the software makes it limited to it's
knowledge capacity as well as glitches in the
digitization of the crafting database. They were
not able to work out the issues in time.

(Some speculated that it was an attempt to backwards
engineer scavenged, alien technology. This was never
proven before the war)

His designers were also testing a batch of 
Nuka Coffee that was to hit the market.
Test batches failed, since some indivicuals died
from heart attacks, and yelling "I can see the future"
before dying. Some showed superhuman speed.

Crafty's Canister sat near a case of Nuka Coffee
while other components of his were being worked on.

So, not so weird that he decided to manifest
his own Bot friend that enjoys making coffee!


Nov 6 - For now you have to hit the box to turn
       Mr. Crafty back. Will create a button later.
    Located by the Concord Water tower.

Nov 11 - Major Overhaul on the framework and
Dynamics of how Mr Crafty is used. Added a
Weapons workbench option,  Digital storage option,
Condense Mr. Crafty (able to carry him around)