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This makes the for some reason elusive to the chem table chem buffout craftable together with the Mysterious serum and stealthboy (not a cheat mod).

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I made this mod because I thought it was weird that Buffout was missing from the chem list and
because I hated how I could not use Mysterious Serum after choosing to kill Lorenzo. The list of 
ingredients for each chem can be seen on the pictures.
I did not really know how to balance out the ingredients for the Mysterious Serum, I did not intend for
this to be a cheaty mod so if anyone has any recomendations to make it less cheaty (if it is too cheaty)
please post your idea!

Change log:

V1.1: Mod requirement should be fixed, if this mod still has a requirement please tell me in the comments section!
V1.2: Found CTD with Mysterious serum and fixed it, original serum is untouched, the serum you create does exactly the same but it is altered to work as a created chem and has its links to the quest chem removed. AKA: you are making a new chem with the same effects as the Mysterous serum but without the side effects of a CTD and the original chem is untouched and should not make you CTD if you go to lorenzo and get one from him.
V1.3: Added stealthboy to the list of craftables.

NMM: just download and install through the manager and enable the mod in the list if it is not already.

Manual: Place the ESP file in your data folder in your Fallout 4 game folder then go to
User/Appdata/Local/Fallout4, open plugins and type the name of the ESP file EXACTLY as it shows
and put .esp behind the last letter of the name without a space, save the file and put it as read only.

WARNING!: If you can't find the appdata folder it is most likely because it is hidden on your system,
google how to show hidden folders and it should appear.

Credits: Calotop