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This mod changes the ranged accuracy of npc's to be more realistic, which can be important for realism mods that greatly increase gun damage.

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Recent changes: altered follower accuracy to be more consistent with their type/backgrounds. Robots and Synth companions are the most accurate. Human companions are similar, but divided by experience and training.

This mod changes some values of npc Combat Style to make the ranged accuracy of npc's more realistic, which can be important for realism mods which greatly increase gun damage, while maintaining their trigger happy combat styles.
Requires all DLCRobot, DLCCoast and DLCNukaWorld. Compatible with Horizon and BLD(load Realistic Accuracy after)

Human accuracy is greatly reduced from 60-80% to 20-40%. Turret accuracy is increased from 30% to 60%. Robots and synths are still extremely accurate but a bit less so in some cases. Insect/creature accuracy is decreased.

Enemy accuracy is generally divided into tiers.

Raiders/insects: 20%
supermutants: 25%
Mercs/guards/bossraiders: 30-40%
Robots/Synths/mostfollowers: 50-55%
Turrets: 60%
Elite Robot and Synths/special cases: 75-90%