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Boosts robot, synth and turret attributes. Sentries become proper robotic sentinels of great power.

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Were you always bothered by the weakness of the robots in Fallout games?
I feel that a robot, even the most simple robot, should be formidable.
Considering that it dons full plated armor, with no sign of weak points (particularly the combat robots).
It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.
And (if provoked) it absolutely will not stop, EVER, until you are dead!

With this mod only capable adventurers (or other robots) should mess with a combat robot, or synth.
You better think twice before marching against a Sentry bot with no Power Armor as well as an arsenal of weapons.. Those are no longer pushovers!

A sentry bot should now be pretty much the toughest (non-Boss) opponent you can face in the wasteland. Well, it's a monstrous nuclear powered (judging from the explosion) electro-mechanical death machine! It deserves all the bonuses and then some.

In case you didn't realize from the macho intro, this mod makes all robots swoupapowerful, but not ridiculously so. I believe they are now as strong as a (Fallout) robot should be.

Specifically all robozords get the following benefits (Update 1.2 stats):
  • x2 health 
  • x2 damage resistance 
  • x2 energy resistance 
  • 75+ unarmed damage (where applicable)
Sole exception to the damage and energy resistance bonuses is the robobrain race. 
That's because they are too "exposed", as one can easily shoot their "brains" clean awwffff.

The Sentry race of Robots gets the following benefits instead: 
  • x4 health 
  • x4 damage resistance 
  • x2 energy resistance 
  • Double damage output to all its ranged damage dealers (miniguns, rockets etc.)
  • x4 unarmed damage
  • x1.25 scaling of model dimensions

All synths get the following benefits: 
  • x2 health
  • x2 damage resistance
  • 75+ unarmed damage (where applicable)
Coursers get all the synth's benefits and in addition:
  • x2 energy resistance

All turrets (which are completely ridiculous in vanilla) get the following benefits: 
  • x5 health
  • x2 damage resistance
  • x2 energy resistance
  • x3 base damage output
  • x1.4 increased range 
Turrets were positioned there to cover the area for a long period of time. Now they should do that more effectively. 
They are also relatively rare which I believe compensates for the big bonuses.

Added new Non-DLC version fully updated. 

v1.1 Released!

New Features: 
  • Tweaked Sentry Bot leveled lists such that their loot will be MUCH more rich to reward those who manage to defeat them. Their prowess and scarcity has been accounted for this. 
  • Increased Sentry Bot Action Points, Action Point Rate & Carry Weight 
  • Adjusted Sentry Bot overheating to occur less often 
  • Added another Sentry loadscreen appropriate for the occasion. If you spot it you can mention it in a comment if you want. 
  • Misc small tweaks to Sentry's offensive stats 

v1.1.1 - Bugfix: 
  • Nuka World Protectron / Galactron health bug fixed

Update v1.2:
Nerfed health stats of Sentry Bots and Turrets to half of what was. The changes are reflected in the stats written above.
Overall slight rebalancing as many users have been asking.
Affects both the DLC and Non-DLC versions of the mod.

This mod requires Fallout 4 and all DLCs.
An optional non-DLC version is provided.

Download the appropriate file depending on whether you have all of the DLCs, or none of them.

Install with NMM / MO, 
or manually 
by extracting the downloadable archive contents and pasting the "data" folder into the main game folder: ~/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout 4

Clearly the mod is incompatible with other mods that alter robots / synths / turrets. 
But it should be compatible with everything else. 

You may have to wait for some (typically 3) in game days for all creatures to be updated (or just start a new game). 

For optimal gameplay, combat & immersion i strongly recommend to use this mod in conjunction with the following: 

# Contact

website: www.keyc0de.com

Made with Bethesda Game Studios Creation Kit software.
Adobe Photoshop for graphics