About this mod

this mod adds a range of armors and headgear pieces from the game rainbow six siege with permission being granted from ubisoft

Permissions and credits
this is my largest ever mod pack adding multiple armors and headgear items from the game rainbow six siege which i have rigged up and placed in game over the past few months mainly as practice which is why some of the armors in this pack may not look great but im pretty proud of it and its what made me reach out to ubisoft to ask for permission to release it on the nexus 

im pretty bad with descriptions so i usually just say what the mod does and then run away lol so ill get started..

XBOX ONE Version:


can be found in fallons basement in diamond city in a crate this will change in the future as to me its pointless to have so many items just sitting in a crate rather than have them around the map as leveled list items (which im a noob at making) 

if you don't want to go to fallons basement or you are in a dlc area and can't go to them open up the console and type "help FV20 4" 

Required mods:

CBBE body

Permission and legal information:

under no circumstances will anything from this mod be allowed to be shared anywhere else or integrated into another mod if you wish you will need both mine and ubisoft  permission (as i rigged the models and set up the mod to work with fallout 4)

Ubisoft have granted me permission to make this mod under the following three conditions:

(i) no money will be made from the models or textures used and all donations directed towards me will be rejected,
(ii) i will simply give credit to ubisoft for creating the assets and i will make it clear that ubisoft had no development in the mod but simply allowed me to use there assets to complete said mod,
(iii) i will be completely transparent and make it clear that all assets used where created by ubisoft and never claim to own the rights to them myself,

if a copyright holder of any of the models being used requests to see more proof that i talked to ubisoft beforehand  i will send images of our conversations and the same if it needed by the nexus staff (already sent it two) 

and if a copyright holder wishes for a model to be removed i will do so immediately without hesitation.

this mod was NOT endorsed or made by the request of ubisoft but by a fan of both games


Ubisoft - for creating the models and textures used 
Me - rigging them to work with fallout 4 

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