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More attractive look. :3

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Hello there! :3
I decided to start change (improve) npc's appearance. And it's my first mod here. :3
Well, you maybe know that vanilla looks... Eh, awful, I think. :o

So, NW my favorite DLC and I just couldn't change some npc's from there. :\

And I thought: "Damn girl, you just must learn how to change those vanilla npc's to better side. !" :P

So, I have result... You can see it on images. :3

I fixed that annoying problem with Lots more Enemies and Settlers mod, so, now you just don't need that mod! :D
And Nisha, Mason and William were fully changed. ;)

*!UPDATE! 1*
I changed some notable raiders like: Dixie, Savoy and Lyzzie. :)
Also, I must say big thanks to
Hildorien, for really great images and test! :3
You're great dear! :)

*!UPDATE! 2*
Well, I really need say big thanks to Mortercotic , for merge all esps in 1!
Now, you can use only 1 esp, if you want all new npc's appearances. Still, you also can use it as separate mods, if you don't like to have all in 1. ;)
Thanks again dear Mortercotic! ^^


Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos
Looks Menu Customization Compendium
Lots More Facial Hair
deLuxe Makeup
Lots More Male Hairstyles

Valkyr Female Face
(not necessaryyou can use any face textures )
Younger Male Face Textures (not necessary, you can use any face textures )

Enjoy! ^^
And make awesome screenshots! :3