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Freeze is an overhaul of the entire intimidation perk including your intimidation chance and what you can do with surrendering opponents. Now with handcuffs!

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Freeze is an intimidation mod designed specifically for Naugrim's Frost Survival Simulator.
It is not dependent on that plugin and can be played separately using a patch.
Feel free to to use the mod out for vanilla FO4 and be sure to give feedback!

"Now with handcuffs" edition!

Freeze has three main goals:
1. Make the success chance of intimidation less RNG and more based on circumstances.
2. Increase the reward for pacifying enemies
3. Make the entire system a bit more realistic and immersive

Surrender chance

Vanilla chance
A flat 40% with a small bonus based on level

Freeze chance
  • Player level, perk rank and charisma
  • Enemy level
  • Enemies with melee weapons will be more likely to surrender when they have not closed the gap or have a crippled leg.
  • When undetected, you gain a bonus depending on how close you are to the opponent. (Full when undetected and half when they are searching for you.)
  • Enemies will be harder to pacify based on the number of friends they have nearby
  • Children will be much easier to pacify
  • Cowardly enemies will always surrender
  • Lady Killer / Black Widow perk bonus actually works
Power armor changes in 2.1
  • Enemies wearing power armor will surrender based on nearby allies as well as their health. Get them low before attempting to intimidate them!
  • When you are wearing power armor, you gain a bonus against enemies that are a lower level than you.

After surrendering

Muh immursion

Upon a successful surrender, enemies will now drop their weapons to the floor.

XP rewards
You gain XP based on the enemies level, double at rank 3.

Second thoughts
Pacified enemies may break pacification if you are in combat, have your weapon sheathed or you are not keeping them in line of sight.
Especially if they still have weapons in their inventory!
To prevent this, you can handcuff enemies (see below)

Power armor changes in 2.1
Enemies who were wearing power armor will exit their armor.
If they had to move to find enough space to exit, they may not hold their hands up.

New Options

Interrogate opponents:
By aiming at an opponent from close range, you can interrogate them. If successful, it will briefly reveal the locations his/her friends on your map.
If your target refuses, you can execute them to greatly increase your interrogation chance for 10 seconds.
Interrogating enemies is possible when being searched for or in combat, but more difficult.
All of this is fully voiced by reusing vanilla game dialogue!

Dismiss opponents:
By aiming at opponent from slightly further, you can dismiss them. They will despawn when out of sight.
If they have friends nearby, they will reappear near their friends and alert them!

Searching opponents:

Instead of pickpocketing, you can now search enemies and change their equipment by activating them while crouching.

Handcuffing opponents
To prevent enemies from reconsidering their surrender, you can handcuff them by activating them from very close while crouching.
This will take one pair of handcuffs from your inventory, which you can recover by uncuffing them in the same way you cuffed them, even when they are dead.
To prevent accidental scrapping, handcuffs will no longer be scrappable (unless freeze is overwritten by another mod like item sorting)

New items

Dirty psycho
Instead of telling surrendering enemies to go kill their best friend, you now inject them with dirty psycho to make them frenzy. 
You can make these junk psychos at a cooking station using dirty water and psycho. Activate an enemy from close range to frenzy them.

Detonatable collar

These collars are based on the slave collars from Fallout 3. 
You can craft them and at Chemistry stations (under utility) and equip them on enemies (by searching them) to make them commandable.
Unlike the base game, you are not limited to having only one commanded enemy.

Freeze may be incompatible with any mod that changes Intimidation, charisma perks in general or add activation options to NPCs (quick trade for example)