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Spruce up your Fallout 4 exploring experience, with much more dynamic and satisfying flora effects!

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I've always been in love with games, that were very "alive" in their art, with lots animated parts, lots of interactivity, and overall dynamics, be it by graphics, destructible, dynamic environments, or simply lush flora, that is heavily affect by wind, with lot's of particles flying around. This is the main reason why this mod has been created - to bring Fallout 4 a bit more life, by giving it a much needed, satisfying vegetation FX overhaul.

So what this mod does EXACTLY?:

- It does change the branch textures for all of the trees, to give them some dead, dark, brown leaves,
- Edits the STAT records for flora meshes, to give them more wind effect,

- Significantly increases the wind parameters in all vanilla weather (and NAC if you use compatibility patch),
- And finally, it adds falling leaves particles to most of the commonwealth and Far Harbour/Nuka-World worldspaces. 


1.0 - Initial release.
1.01 - Added missing .ini file that changes the max particle amount.
1.02 - Fixed excessive power lines physics. Removed the Fort Hagen Satellite Dish from the mod, to fix the previs problems.


This mod will NOT be compatible with pretty much any mod that affects the tree textures, or edits default weathers.
Some examples would be: Commonwealth Conifers Redux, Fallout 4 Seasons, ReGrowth, etc. 

Small note regarding the precombined data. Since this mod adds objects to cell records, it contains a copy of vanilla precombined data records, so I highly suggest to load the mod as high in the load order as possible, in order to keep mods that DO edit the precombined data working. As Zilav told me, Right after DLCs and unofficial patch is the right spot for it.


Man, I don't know. Fallout 4 runs like garbage, no matter what, it's just a shitty engine. One thing I can say is, unlike in most flora editing mods, like the ones mentioned above, my mod does NOT remove the precombined meshes, so aside from much heavier use of particles, there shouldn't be any performance drop. But how much are the particles draining the FPS, you'll just have to see for yourself. The mod is fairly save to uninstall, so if you're unsatisfied with performance, simply remove this mod.


Simply use your favorite mod manager, or manually unpack the 7zip file into your "Fallout4\Data" folder and enable the esm\esp in the launcher.


MaxG3D - Mod Author
Saghen - Retextured leaves

Zilav - Creating the xEdit script
Nifskope Discord Server - General help