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Go on an adventure to discover some of the greatest Secrets the Commonwealth has hidden away from the world.

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[Attention: version 2.0 is out. The issue with the doors not appearing should be fixed now. Let me know if the issue is still occurring for you.]

Recently, Piper received a Holotape from an anonymous source. But before she got a chance to listen to it, the Sole Survivor got to it first. On the tape is the voice of a mysterious figure, Dr. Poultrygeist, who claims he knows many secrets and is willing to let you in on them. 

What happens next is a quest that will show you a deeper level to some of the most famous locations in the game. However, with each Secret Poultrygeist reveals, the quest becomes more and more treacherous. Are you willing to risk it all just to discover things that weren't meant to be discovered?

This is my first official "quest" for Fallout 4. It's a holotape quest that will take you to several new locations with plenty of interesting loot. As you go along, each new secret location will have better stuff, but more obstacles. The holotape that starts the quest can be found in Publik Occurences (Piper's House) in the back of the building on Piper's desk inside of a tiny mailbox. 

I can't seem to get quest markers to work so I've had to structure the quest to work around that issue, but if you can figure out why my markers aren't working, I'll update the version and credit you for your help. Also, if the quest isn't working at all, please do tell. Otherwise, all feedback is appreciated.